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Artist Statement:
A piece of cloud. Or a shadow of a cloud. Or a reflection in the shadow. They are all very clear and all changing; they are real, existing, yet they seem unreal.

The thing we are seeing is not necessarily true. What we find or what we feel may be just illusions. Perhaps, we can never find the REAL TRUTH, or perhaps the absolute real does NOT exist at all.

There are some issues that neither belong to philosophy nor to science. But they are surely related to human knowledge and experience. With different perspectives, we may interpret the same thing in a different way. But it is the conflict, consensus, and retrospect intertwined with different views that may lead us closest to the truth.

However, if we think of simply using our sensibilities, must the TRUTH necessarily be important? What could be possible if we get the absolute TRUTH?

If the phenomenon we produce in Science and Humanism can trigger the audience’s curiosity and sense of humor, and as long as Science and Humanism is interpreted according to their own experience and cognition, the exhibit will have its significance. After all, the essence of artistic behavior is nothing but a show or game that can stimulate people’s thinking on philosophy, science, literature, and other topics. It is the hope that the work can trigger different life attitudes for different audiences and produce more diverse solutions.

Artist Bio:
●Beijing Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo
●Artworks creation and design for Audi A8L exhibition hall
●Museum Complex of Huizhou Ancient City
●Master plan for “Develop Your Well-being” project of Sino-Ocean Group
●Artworks creation and design for Aolai Fairyland Crystal Cultural and Art Museum
●Overall design for Zengpiyan Cave Site Museum
●Design of lighting art for E’mei Yard Ancient Town
●Artworks creation and design for Luhu Art Exhibition Center

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