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I create contemporary semi-abstracts. My style is quite unique as it combines two artistic styles. I have blended contemporary abstract oil painting with traditional realism watercolour. I delight in combining these genres as I love the softness of the watercolour in contrast to the vibrancy of the oil paint. I also enjoy the contrast of the Realism and Abstract movements.
In this body of work I hope to encourage a connection to the environment. In their non-disturbed state grassy plains are magnificent, and vibrant parts of biological tapestry. Once covering vast tracts of the continent’s plains. The grassland are now among the most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization. I express the rugged beauty by focusing on the birds and animals that live in this environment. I include birds such as Sparrows, Eagles, parrots Crows and Ravens to bring energy, create interest and narrative.

I would describe my own personal style as continuously creating tension in the artwork. I achieve this through the combined use of premediated realism and abstract improvisation, where the realism is used as a measure of my ability and the abstract work displays my artistic expression. I also create tension in the painting though a juxtaposition of styles, combining a range of traditional painting mediums such as oil, watercolour and acrylic paint together in the same painting. I particularly enjoy the contrast of the vividness of the oil paint against the softness of the watercolour. Often the final varnish is also used as a tool to create contrast with ultra-gloss used alongside matte varnish. I believe this technique serves to make a powerful painting and stamps my own style.

People are growing aware of the need to protect our coral reefs, our forests and our grassland plains. Our environment is being discussed more and more, and I hope to stimulate care and concern for this beautiful habitat in this collection of works.

Additional Info:

In her works, Victoria Velozo bridges reality and imagination- painting realistic elements of nature with overlays of contrasting collage and watercolour features. I hope to encourage a connection to the environment with the wild birds that bring life to the grassy plains.
“I want to create a subconscious connection to the environment. I believe viewing a painting of nature evokes an intuitive reminder of the fragility and sacredness of the natural world.”

Artist Statement:

I believe the catalyst for becoming an artist was when I was 8 years old and my father turned one of the walls in our playroom into a giant black board. After this it wasn’t long before I was creating storyboards, portraits of favourite dolls, and murals of life-sized animals set in various landscapes. Through this I believe I was inadvertently developing skills in structure, depth, composition and accuracy. Around this same time my family embarked on journey of several months around Europe and the UK in a camper van and I was able to see first-hand the museums and architecture which displayed the works of the great masters. I was being home-schooled throughout this journey and my schoolwork was to write about the sculptures, paintings and architectural styles of the monuments in the countries we visited. Through this I gained my first influences in sculpture, figurative painting and landscapes and was introduced to critical analysis and art history.

Throughout high school I chose every possible subject related to art. In my final year I had two artworks selected for a very prestigious exhibition held at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney Australia which also travelled to all regional city galleries in Australia for 11 months. The exposure gained through this exhibition then allowed me a direct placement into the Creative Arts programme at Wollongong University, where I received my Creative Arts degree. This was the beginning of my journey into exhibitions, which has more recently allowed me to be represented by three galleries in China, and have my work collected internationally with works now residing in Oman, Hong Kong, Sydney, Amsterdam, London, and California.

When beginning a new work I create the backgrounds first, which represent an abstract version of an environmental landscape which the feature animal will be placed in. I work quickly in this stage often utilising water, sponges, collage and layering which I believe evokes a sense of movement and depth. Next I use watercolour to create the smaller creatures and birds which will be hidden in the background of the scene. Finally, I sketch and paint in the main feature, usually a bird, as the main focal point of the painting. Other than the realistic feature, I try not to have too much of a developed, preconceived idea of what I want the painting to look like when I begin.

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