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Artist Bio:
I dream, I paint
Pamela Awad’s canvases are full of bright and vibrant colors, fuchsia, calypso, yellows and greens; whose strength contrasts with the softness and delicacy of its forms that creates a dreamlike atmosphere, full of images that evoke the feminine; They are all part of your personal imaginary. Her pictorial world tell us about everyday situations with a deep emotional burden. Each canvas tells a story in which the viewer is invited to interpret. These beautiful paintings lead us to share their dreams of colors. We could say that these images that float in space, lead us to poetry and nostalgia, and somehow, to the dream itself. Pamela’s language is simple, with rounded shapes and playful images; in her figurative work, which expresses her own inner world, her fragility and her strongest feelings too. The use of acrylic creates compositions with rich textures, natural pigments and a gestural brushstroke.

Pamela has exhibited in Germany, France, Colombia; Brazil, Dubai, Chile, United States.

Contact Info:
Website: http://Pamelaawadart.blogspot
Instagram: Pamela Awad
Whatsapp + 569 92999570

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