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Artist Bio:
Having been diagnosed with a skin condition at the age of 5– Vitiligo, which involves discoloration of skin made me drawn and be attracted to colors from early stages of life. More often it is not easy to open your vulnerabilities through words because of which I use abstract/impressionist art as my voice and outlet to express emotions. I strongly believe that art can alter your mood, elevate emotions, and bring joy thus I paint in order to bring a ‘happy’ state for the viewers. My artworks display vibrant colors, lively attitude, and positive energy which allow each individual to remind them of their fond memories and feel joyous. I am a self-taught artist and by education I possess PhD in Chemistry, working as a Research Engineer at Tech Corporation. I take inspiration from most beautiful part of North America the Pacific Northwest region. The intensity, rarity, and variety provided by the mountains, rain-forests, and desserts provide me great opportunities to grasp the color contrasts present in nature to bring back on canvas.

Additional Info:
This is ‘oil on canvas’ abstract artwork which is part of ‘Happy Paintings’ theme. These theme is created with a great hope to remind the viewer of their fond memories and bring a joyous state of mind. I have correlated this artwork to the emotion of ‘love’ where you could feel love and the positive influence of this emotion in life.

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