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Artist Bio:
Visual and renowned dioramist artist in the Bio-Bío region. ”Bachelor of Plastic Arts with mention has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally. In 2008 she won the Universidad de Concepción award for academic excellence. Later, she enters the Master of Hispanic Literatures, in the same house of studies, whose program complements her look and artistic project around collectionsm In 2014, in this context, she made a Master’s thesis entitled: , «COLLECTIONISM AND RITUALITY IN FELISBERTO HERNÁNDEZ, IMAGES FOR A SECULAR SACRALITY». As of 2009, she began to build great works and artistic research processes such as: “Room stories; Collectionism and Memory Spaces”, “Empty: Figurations of the ungraspable”, in conjunction with the writer Alex Vigore; “Herbalists. Micro-narrations of interior and internal gardens ”(Fondart 2014 / Fondart Circulación 2016),“ Ethnography of the balconies ”(Fondart 2015 / Diffusion Fondart 2018),“ The Memory of the Thresholds (Fondart 2018). Currently, She works in the “La Fauna, the gardens and the sacred orality” and “Flora and Fauna: Fragments of an endemic landscape”, which bring together pictorial dioramas, illustration and ceramics.

Collaborates in contemporary art projects of various artists. Makes presentations and talks on contemporary art and art history both in universities and colleges.She also conducts practical theoretical talks for the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage, activating collaborative work, for example, for seminars, promotion programs and artistic education. Since 2005, she designs and disseminates the author brand, Pájaros en la Cabeza Diseños”, , From the management is a producer of ““Ventana Creativa”, “Fiesta del Diseño y las Artes,” etc.

Additional Info:
My work is generated from reflections and research on domestic collectionism, and ethnographic, museum, ritual, heritage, memorial and fictional aspects intrinsic to the practice or act of collecting. I am interested in rescuing / addressing the symbolic values that are established between the collector and his collection, which I conceptually call: “secular relicarization.” That is, look for an object, find it, assign it a place within the collection, own it and treasure it. Treasure it not for a material value, but for what it symbolizes for the one who collects, who sees unfolding through the object, his memories and the vast territory of memory.

I value the collectivism from the displacements, diffraction, variations and innumerable particularities that I observe manifest / inhabit in practice. From the variations of the act of collecting, I move towards nature (endemic flora and fauna) and towards our popular mythical universe because it constitutes a playful / lucid space, of identity and collective treasuring. I set up large bodies of work.

In my projects, I develop the interdisciplinary language of the MINIATURE DIORAMA. Also, I inquire into sculptural ceramics, painting and illustration, dies and installation.

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