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Artist Bio:
Born in the Aconcagua Valley, in the city of Los Andes. His childhood was close to the field. Surrounded by nature, both in her hometown, and in southern Chile. In 1985, he took his first photography course, subsequently performing work on request. In 1986 she started working in agriculture and her connection with nature made her become an organic producer in 1995 exporting the fruit to Europe. In 1989, parallel to agricultural work, he actively began his development in the artistic area. Among its trainers, the painter Celina Gálvez and José García Chibbaro stand out. Always with the aim of learning more, he continues with his studies of oil, watercolor, drawing and human figure, in the Extension Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Then he attends courses in ceramics, vitrofusion and goldsmithing at the Almendral Center in San Felipe.

With its colorful brushstrokes, with hints of fantasies, reveries and imagination, ranging from figurative to abstract. Inspired by nature and marveling at her perfection, with its light, tone, shape and texture, it is reflected in different media, materials and techniques, always with the aim of transmitting positive feelings, joy, happiness and harmony.

He has exhibited his works in Chile in the cities of Los Andes, San Felipe, Valparaíso, Santiago and Pucón.

Additional Info:
Work corresponding to the Shoal series, I was inspired by the grouping or concentration composed of different species of fish that are accompanied, which have a perfect, sublime dance in perfect synchrony, with perfectly coordinated movements. They become a unit, a unique being, with a single mind, thus becoming stronger and more energetic, saving energy and effort.

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