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Artist Bio:
When people first meet me, they always comment on my warm smile and golden skin. What they see is the here and now of a British resident artist happily working Miami Florida. The story behind the image is far from golden. I have lived through war, personal tragedy, loss of State, severe physical and mental trauma and, because of my fight for feminism and freedom, suffered persecution and imprisonment in the Middle East.

To counter all of that I have been honoured by others with awards and tributes and with recognition for both my artistic achievements and my courage in the face of extreme adversity. With influences from Dali, Picasso and Klimt it has been said that I am destined to be one of the leading female artists of the 21st Century. I have no way of knowing if that will be true, but I am fortunate to have been classically trained at a number of prestigious academies and universities including the Fine Art Faculty at Tehran University in Iran and in masterclasses at the Royal Academy in London.

I am fiercely independent, rich in culture, proud of my personal drive and I am a disciplined workaholic. I live, eat and breathe feminist expressionism. I am a qualified yoga teacher but even this is a reflection of my artistic soul and I run classes as a yoga art therapist combining self-realization through physical and mindfulness with artistic personal expression.
I have been reviewed by many different people across the art world. Reuters, the BBC, Global Art Agency and The Sunday Times. Here in the US by ADC Art Design Consultants, Art Business USA and more locally Voyage MIA and SE Florida Style and Design. Whilst each has focussed on different works, different exhibitions and different aspects of my story they have all made the same common observation about my work.

“Based on her life and artistic experience, the voice she articulates is an important contribution to the artist’s struggle for the dignity of the individual. Her uncontrollable expression and vitality of this art certainly sets her apart from other artists. Despite the violent suppression she experienced in Persia / Iran, Souren continues to create beautiful and bold works of art that capture not only the challenges feminists face, but also focuses on the strengths and opportunities that can arise when freedom is granted.”

I challenge any visitor to walk through my gallery and leave it unaffected by what they have seen, read or felt.

Additional Info:
VoyageMIA Press

SE Florida Style & Design – spring 2019-The Art Issue
interview: The World of Art Collecting – Page 350 -352{“issue_id”:”577584″,”page”:352}

SE Florida Style & Design – Fall Issue 2019

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