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Artist Bio:
Sam Dobrow is a contemporary photographic artist who lives and works in the artist village of Coconut Grove, Florida. In the digital darkroom, Sam continues to test the boundaries of photography. All of his artwork begins in the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotions and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants. Whether it is a street scene, portrait or figurative works, Sam captures beauty by presenting subjects shaped by light, framed by strong graphical elements, and emotionally supercharged by the thoughtful choice of color.

According to Sam, the art of photography begins with a feeling, followed by seeing through the camera with anticipation, and ultimately developing an image that speaks to that feeling.

Additional Info:
Sam Dobrow has always admired the paintings of Salvador Dali and Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh’s ability to render moods with his use of color and texture inspired Sam to push the limits of traditional photography into a painterly realm. Dali’s surreal “melted” landscapes motivated Sam to create photo manipulations for the Surreality Collection. All the works in the Surreality Collection begin with a photograph that is melted into a hallucinogenic vision, digitally augmented, and “colored” to create a magical mood.

Materials and Process
Sam Dobrow produces his fine art photography from digital images which are post processed, digitally manipulated, and mastered in Photoshop. The images are then printed on metallic paper which gives them a beautiful luminosity. Once Sam is satisfied with the print, he signs the print and has it face mounted to optical quality acrylic sheets to preserve and protect the image as well as to intensify its visual qualities. The finished artwork is then sealed on the back with a protective PVC board to which a hanging system is adhered. The artwork can also be framed for a more formal presentation.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @samdobrowph
Facebook: @samdobrowphotography

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