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Artist Statement:
Since I have been living closer to nature, I find myself constantly in awe of its wondrous beauty. As does nature, I seem to experience a renaissance every day! Each season brings its own richness of colours, odours and sensations. My inner search began with the parallel that is present between the world of Man and that of Flowers; from birth through the stages of life compared to the spring seeding of the floral world through the autumn harvest. Both are influenced by common stimuli, existing, growing, and believing that their being is eternal. Yet life only holds by one thread. Neither man nor flower recognizes vulnerability or the hour of the end of their existence. Are we eternal?

Before starting a new painting, I immerse myself in classical music. My artistic interpretation borrows its spontaneity created in this ambiance and with relaxed airy movements I become the orchestra conductor, defining the music with the reds and yellows across the canvas where flowers stand tall, at times bowing low, curving, some clearly defined, others merely suggested through shape or colour. I love to paint the energy found in flowers, giving this energy a soul.

Influenced by former colourists I want my paintings to be timeless so I paint the world’s beauty on canvas. Size is not really a factor. I prefer acrylic as it dries quickly thus giving more vivid colours. I use the spatula rather than a brush. I love to explore upcoming techniques using texture and inks. At a precise moment my painting speaks to me, dictating the subject and from that moment on, I let my instinct guide me.
Having created an esthetical experience I want to show that the state of wealth or poverty, health or illness all have their moment of colour and happiness.

In this intransigent world of individual performance, I want to protect the sensitivity I have within me. However, I recognize my own fragility and my helplessness in my own existence. To those who know my work, I wish to leave a spark of hope.

Artist Bio:
Coming from a background where an artistic career was not an option, Raymonde’s first career was as a hairdresser, specializing in colour. She eventually moved into the competitive world of real estate, and later, she succeeded in carving her niche in the male-dominated world of car sales. Throughout these career transitions, she always felt that in her heart, first and foremost, she was and always would be an artist.

In 1989 Raymonde began her artistic career. She studied with Jacqueline Gagnon, Conrad Therrien and Cristobal, developing her artistic experience all the while continuing to work in the field of car sales.
In 1999 Raymonde made a decision that was to change her life: she returned to study at Bishop’s University and obtained a certificate in Fine Arts.
In 2000 she decided to follow her heart and immersed herself into the universe of the arts, full-time.

While exploring different mediums and varied techniques, Raymonde opened “La Signature Inc.” a painting school. Here, she employed eleven reputable artists to teach along with her and the school became an instant success.

In 2005 Raymonde became seriously ill and she was given but a few months to live. This led her to make another major life change and so, supported by her husband, she left her home of more than 20 years, abandoning her dream art school that had given her so much satisfaction, and came to settle in the Laurentians.

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