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Artist Statement:
I was born and raised in Central Africa. My bond with this part of the world is strong. From that life I am very conscious and passionate about nature and animals .Conservation, and environmental issues are close to my heart.

Drawing has always been part of my life and a form of expression from a very young age.

I studied in Advertising Design, Art History, and took different classes with individual artists I admired. When I started as a painter, I was making “trompe l’oeil” paintings (make believe paintings) until I was introduced to sculpture with clay building about 15 years ago. I connected very well with the 3 dimensional aspect of it and focused on that medium.

I’ve done several shows in Florida and the Bahamas where I learned about Bronze and the lost wax process throughout the past 15 years.

I want to show the fluidity of things and life through the rigidity of the matter, bring movement in the static. Whether it is a sculpture or a painting , I want it to be infused with peace and harmony, to soothe the soul from everyday stress.

Additional Info:
This piece was done in wax, it is one of a kind (there is no mold of it). There was no armature. The mantle was a chalenge to achieve.
It was hand built with many hours and patience.

I have a special tie with octopuses, they have always fascinated me. I have played with them many times and got bit once.
They are smart, curious, endless in shape and fluid as water.

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