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Artist Bio:
Mauricio Benítez better known as “Mr. Bling”

I am a Colombian businessman who in the 2000s found in the crystals a great business development opportunity to initially apply it in fashion and decoration. Opportunity that has been developing in Colombia and the world attending the needs of important brands and companies with differentiated products of impeccable manufacturing that stand out for their brightness, luxury and sophistication.

This degree of passion and commitment to fashion has made me one of the main exponents of the trend of the Shine worldwide and I have opened the way for other emerging artists who have seen in my work a role model; to the point of becoming a lifestyle, which has recently been literally transformed into “art.”

Additional Info:
This is a technique performed with the finest premium or Swarovski Hot Fix crystals on fukaya fabric, each of its crystals are manually placed on the surface drawing an art that has been previously selected, The crystals are of similar size that when viewed from a certain distance make up well-defined figures, each image contains thousands of crystals that, grouped in colors, create a two-dimensional sensation, achieving effects of light and shadow, highlighting certain details that the work must contain.

These crystals are bonded through heat, allowing greater fixation to the fabric.

This new technique enriches art and culture through crystals, allowing the developed pieces to always have a quality process, inimitable colors and perfection in their finishing.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @mrblingcolombia
Phone: +57 3146327863

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