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Artist Bio:
Monica Perez’s works are expressions of emotion—impulsive, spontaneous gestures
of hands on canvas. Her aesthetic unites paint and design with strokes of abandon and constraints of composition. She predominantly works in acrylic and often merges tactile and digital techniques in a single piece.

“I create these pieces to work through personal and creative struggles and it’s
liberating to pour myself out, transferring what was inside onto canvas. Looking at
the pieces now are like reading through specific pages of my journal and reflecting on
the process has made me stronger. When others stand in front of these pieces, I
hope they too remember emotional and defining moments in their lives.” Monica trained as a graphic designer in NYC and worked as a Creative Director/Director for over a decade at top design and production studios. Monica now focuses exclusively on her art.

Monica was born in Montevideo, Uruguay and now lives in Venice with her husband,
two children, and their French Bulldog, Storm.

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