Booth #S514

Artist Bio:
Majored in Interior Design. School of Art & Design Pampa Center. Buenos Aires. Argentina., She has assisted to several art workshops in Buenos Aires, Caracas and Brazil with Omar Ortiz, Patrizia Rizzo, Alida Tortoledo, Luis Salame. She has participated in different national and international exhibitions in Argentina, Caracas, Miami, New York, San Diego, Brazil and has many of her work in private collections.

Artist Statement:
My inspiration is based on hyperrealism, on diversity & inclusion.

I choose the object of my work in accordance to what I feel and the circumstances in the moment I sit in front of a white canvas.

At this moment I feel women need to be honored representing her body through nudity.

I pretend to show an authentic woman, strong, subtle, wise, innocent, pushing,……

A woman that has to be respected by her real presence without any masks.


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