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Artists’ Bio:
Artnwordz is a unique pop art company A.K.A the couple Micha Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen.
Micha is originally from Berlin, Germany. Growing up with all kinds of designing and crafting projects, having art as a major in school and being a jack of all trades, she put her skills to good use professionally in such areas as map-making, graphic design and creating fashion jewelry. This is why her attention to detail is so exacting and she creates the more aesthetic balanced compositions!

Grant is from Los Angeles, California. An actor and Broadway musical performer all over the U.S. and world, Grant is also a professional photo- grapher and artist in many ways. He can be lovingly described as having hamsters running around inside his head! Which leads to many of the wonderfully twisted creations!The couple brings their balance and sensibilities together to create their unique designs from original artworks to commission pieces, to their gift and apparel merchandise which are featured in Hotel and Gallery Spaces as well Retail Stores throughout the United States and Internationally including Japan, Canada, Dubai, Mexico and Europe.

In addition, Grant and Micha are also featured artists by Vice World, a documentary show featuring their process, story and creative approach producing a series of original artworks centering around the prohibition era and in an upcoming coffee table book (originating in Paris) alongside other well-known artists, creating conceptual Rock and Roll Album Covers, that never were, of famous groups.

This is Artnwordz, two people who love what they do and do what they love in the hopes of moving people in some way with their art.

Additional Info:
The source for all our artworks are damaged original dictionary, sheet music or atlas pages which can date back to 149 years old.

Each page /art piece is a one of a kind as we match the words to the images and the images to the paper it’s been created on.

We use mixed media materials to create our originals such as chalk, charcoal, pastels , iquid Crome, 14 carat lame, cotton ,silk treathing and even real money .

Our limited-edition originals can be found in fine art galleries in the US and internationally in addition to places such as hotels, design spaces and restaurants and private celebrity commissions.

Find more info about our artwork at

This piece called The Umbeatles can be customized with any of the Beatles songs for a one of a kind art piece .

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