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Martine Colette is an emerging artist from the Fort Lauderdale area. Born and raised in South Florida, Martine has had a lifelong passion for art, animals, and the environment and currently finds her inspiration in nature, human emotion and experience, existentialism, popular culture, history, and literature. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art from Florida State University and has spent time studying art history abroad in Paris, France. While oil painting is Martine’s preferred medium, she does not like to confine herself to a single art form and enjoys creating in a variety of different mediums including water color, sculpture, mixed media, and graphic/digital design from time to time. The majority of Martine’s artwork can be described as colorful, playful, emotional and raw, focusing mostly on both human and animal figures and forms that are simultaneously realistic and painterly in style, with the intention to evoke a sense of intrigue and relatable-ness to the viewer.

Additional Info:

This piece titled ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay (Siberian Tiger)’ is part of a series inspired by a poem of the same name by American poet Robert Frost. Started in 2018 and ongoing, the series depicts animals that are critically endangered and face the risk of extinction -such as the white rhinoceros and scalloped hammerhead. Done using oil paint and wood stain on cradled wood panel, the teeth and/or horns of each animal is embellished in real gold leaf to symbolize each animal’s intrinsic value. The gold teeth can also be viewed as a reference to trends in popular culture and as a tool to spread awareness to a broader audience by associating mainstream fashions to the dire predicament of these beautiful creatures . Originally to be titled “worth their weight in gold”, Martine Colette opted to use the title to pay homage to one of her favorite poems instead, and hopes that these pieces will bring awareness to the plight of some of our planet’s most precious resources. Ten percent of each sale from this series will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Fund.

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