Booth #S401

Artist Statement:
Regardless of gender, age, race or social status, who has not heard or known a person who has endured any type of violence? That duress slowly kills the soul or even the individual.

This artwork, derives from my personal experience of meeting two brave women who suffered someone´s rage. I knew them, met them for coffee, however I was not aware they were aching inside.
How much time we devote to really listen to our closed ones? Are we sure none of them are agonizing? How can we make them break that lonely, creeping, numbing and incapacitating silence?
Paraphrasing Georges Bracque: art is a wound transformed into light. My creation is dedicated to all victims and those around them. I invite you to take action and break your silence and the silence of those you love. This piece is my friend´s wounds transformed into light. I hope it shed light upon you too.

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