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Artist Bio:
Liliana Mendez is a Colombian plastic artist with a career of more than 35 years and distinguished as one of the finest sculptors in the country. Her bronze sculptures evoke movement and elegance with themes related to the Performing Arts. The uniqueness of her work has been recognized nationally and in countries such as the United States, France, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and others.

Her career began at a young age at her parent’s Bronze Sculpture Workshop. There she learned the use of different materials and casting techniques that broadened her love and passion to create art. The artist entered Guerrero Academy in Bogota, where she studied along great artists and developed her unique and innovative style.

Her career began with solo exhibitions in Bogota-Colombia and currently worldwide.

Her work is known for its style, plasticity and delicacy. Liliana sculpts ballerinas, tightrope walkers and colorful circus characters. But where has all this inspiration come from to create her collections? – Her work is the result of emotions, memories, feelings, dreams, desires and other sensations that surround a character in a fantastic world where only the connection of her mind and heart can see and create something that not everyone could. Liliana’s collections are complex worlds that contain tell stories!

These are the latest six collections that Liliana has worked on:
– Ballerinas: Her greatest inspiration as from a young age she had a strong desire to become a ballerina dancer. Liliana, through art, expresses her love, passion and admiration for this movement. Described as the best representation of the being by her. The subtlety in the movements and the delicacy of each dance inspire stories, lives and dreams. Ballet is a journey around a millenary practice that, through defined figures, steps and turns transform any space into an illuminated atmosphere.

– Magic & Joy: This collection immersed in a magical context, converted into a
vehicle that guides through the unreal and creates feelings manifested through shapes, faces and movements that express beauty and harmony. Liliana is inspired by the street artists in Colombia, you can find them in traffic lights aiming to entertain and bring joy to the audience. This is how the artist sees this world: “Everything around us revolves, is reborn and moves continuously, converting that transformation into inspiration”.
Her work is full of brightness, movement, color, strength and joy, whose main message is love, illusion and happiness of a magical world, where artistic expressions become relevant, which in one way or another evolve our realities ” , says Liliana.

– Abstract: Abstract art is one of the freest and most beautiful forms of art, which allows human beings to connect with their inner part more directly because they do not represent something that already exists. Liliana focuses on the study of shapes, colors, rhythms, spaces, dimensions and all the elements that achieve a force and balance though sculpture since those are tied to what is in the her deepest emotions and desires.

– Acrobats: The History of Mankind says that man began his particular quest to dominate nature from the domain of his own body. The oldest artistic acrobats are born thousands of years ago, developed by almost all the important elder civilizations, such as the Greek, the Egyptian and the Oriental. For Liliana, acrobats mean freedom, an expression of being as a malleable subject like metal, which transforms and acquires life. The acrobats of her collection are beings of light that achieve perfection in an exceptional and illusory circus environment.

– Infinite universe: The Universe is everything, absolutely everything that is known to exist and what the unknown. All types, sizes, colors, textures, tastes, energy, and even the intervention of physical laws create what is the world of worlds. As well as in the universe, the artist sees art as a whole, an infinite world full of emotions and sensations that go beyond what is perceptible.

– Adventure: The artist, in spite of surprising the artistic world with beautiful special figurines for walls and ceilings which she decided to name as “climbers”. This collection was born from a dream, one of those that the morning we barely remember but we keep the best of that subconscious experience. It is how Liliana discovers that what she really did in her dreams was to be an adventurous woman within mountainous and wild landscapes of which she and her fellow heroes always emerged victorious against any adversity of nature.

Moreover, Liliana has won more than 30 international awards, including Stereo Florida in 2005 for design and innovation, Innovative Design Melburne Florida in 2005, Virginia Walk for Creativity and Design in 2007, Maithand Rotary in 2008, the second place in the 37th Annual South Miami Festival. Followed by the FIA International Arts Festival in Costa Rica, being praised for its creativity and artistic quality. In addition to this, her choice as a guest artist at the Southern Biennial of Panama, where her monumental work “Enlace”, is now available by the mayor’s office of the city, an icon on the coastal strip, giving her work a different status and privileged that is for the enjoyment of all.
In addition to this, one of its famous dancers in bronze is today the insignia of the award for the Best of Our Country, Gacetas de Colombia, and continues to make progress in the plastic proposal for the most important art scenes in the world.

Now, with respect to the various exhibitions, galleries and exhibitions in which he has participated and more outstanding we have the following:

– Spectrum Miami: It is the most popular show of the Miami Art Week and is a five-day experience in fine arts, with Art Labs, Meet the Artist sessions and live demonstrations, music, entertainment and other special events.

– Art Basel Miami: Thanks to her work, Liliana had a great reception in the state of Florida and that is where she has participated in several exhibitions and among many this one. This show (as it is called), is held not only in Miami, it is also present in Basel and Hong Kong, places that connect collectors, galleries and artists, and are a driving force to support the role played by the galleries in promoting of the careersof artists.

– Artexpo New York: Every year, thousands of experts from the art industry flock to Artexpo New York in search of art and artists that shape trends in galleries around the world.

– Expohabitat: It’s an event held in Mexico City that brings together well-known Architects and Interior Designers. It is the place where more than 300 exhibitors present the latest trends to about 17,000 visitors.

– Heim Und Handwerk: The Messeduo Heim + Handwerk und FOOD & LIFE LIFE is held in Munich-Germany.This show attracst around 125,000 visitors each year, making it one of the most successful public and commercial fairs in Germany and Europe.

Additional Info:
Participant work in some events around the world and winner of several of them. It is part of the “Danceurs” collection by Liliana Mendez, a work in which she wishes to highlight the women strength and balance through dance.

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