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Artist Bio:
I’ve been an artist all of my life, and have helped other artists in my community by encouraging them to exhibit their work while focusing on community engagement by having them participate in curated events for various non-profit organizations. My art teacher in elementary school was the most encouraging person to me in my youth when I was struggling with assimilating into the American culture having moved from South Africa at a very young age. He provided guidance and an understanding of how creating art can be incredibly healing, and that has been a constant force in my life; I am always creating. The music that I listen to when I’m in my studio heavily influences the energy of the pieces I am making and all my emotions that arise from the song are expressed in color, texture, and layers.

Additional Info: 
Rising Above Chaos is a piece that is reflective of the world around us, and how we can choose to rise above our struggles and conquer the cruelties by learning to having a backbone, standing up for what’s right, and building a strong personal foundation for the future and looking forward to the beauty that surrounds us as much as the chaos that does as well.

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