Artist Bio:
Carl Mathis is currently studying Painting at The New World School of the Arts College.He is an emerging artist that can adapt anywhere,humbly opening his arms,and ready to receive recognition as an important piece in the puzzle of all creative minds.

Carl found immense joy early on in art class,to him,the only thing worth a devotion of time spent well. He was initially inspired by his older brother who taught him to render at age 10; what started as an artistic competition of skill had become,for him, a thing of necessity for expressing his daily imaginings. Painting, as he understands it is a holistic process encompassing experiences of self in relation to material. His works are images of decay derived from a speculative philosophy about the end of time. The interplay of opposites is an ongoing conversation Carl believes is of grave importance because we are on the verge of worldwide catastrophe. He believes deeply that Art can change the minds of those who look at it intently.The artist has a unique position of dignity, willing to delve into the unknown and coax solutions into existence. The challenge lies in the mind, the image must be representative of this state of unrest and emergency.

Contact Info:
Website: http://www.atelierwithoutborders.org


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