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Captain Casual is a refreshing breath of happiness and color. Completely self taught, Casual’s ability to pull from street art, pop and contemporary are nothing short of unconventional and eye catching. Critics say it’s the perspective gained from his experience of dying and coming back to life that gives his works so much emotion and tangibility. Working with brands like Nike, Neiman’s, and Tillys show how much versatility he can bring to the table. In Miami, working on projects with Jason Perez to expand his reach and lock in key events like Spectrum and Zenith. Captain Casual is one of the most friendly and outgoing artists you will ever meet. His paintings are no different, seemingly inviting you in to explore the boundaries of color. His ability to paint in a multitude of different styles is impressive, but it will be excited to see where he gravitated to in the future. Definitely one of the artists to watch and if there was ever a style of painting to evoke happiness, this is it..

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