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Artist Statement:
My name is Isabel Blanco. I was born in 1979 in Bergen, Norway. Right now I live in Svelvik, in the east of Norway, together with my boyfriend and our son. I started painting as a hobby when I was twenty one, and later, in 2009, I really understood how much it meant for me to express myself through colours and shapes.

I have spent most of my life playing handball. Since the age of nineteen, I have done so on a professional basis. As the years passed, I started pondering what I wanted to do when my handball career was over. In the wake of a problematic period in my life, I had to ask myself what really made me happy. The answer came quickly. I decided to devote more of my time to exploring the world of painting, and it didn’t take long before I set my aims really high. I wanted to become a full time artist and painter.

And now, today, I have made it. I have become a full time painter – and I am enjoying every second of it! Just recently, I signed a five year contract with Thon Hotel Parken in downtown Kristiansand. Imagine! The hotel has commissioned me to decorate the hotel with my art!

They have given me an amazing opportunity, and I am so humble and so proud to be on their team. In combination with my new job, I will hold exhibitions at different places in Norway. I am living my dream – and I love it!

Ps: I paint using acrylic paint, ink, spray paint and acrylic pens – combinations that I want to explore further.

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