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Artist Bio:
Elisa Adams was born first generation Albanian American, in Boston MA in 1959. Due to her ethnic heritage, a career in art was discouraged. Choosing a medical career, she became a chiropractor in 1984 and has been in private practice ever since. In 2004, she took a stone and wood sculpting class of the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, MA. This was the last series of classes to be taught and the museum school closed. Not dissuaded by this, she ventured out on her own exploration and discoveries, and continued being self taught.

Sold over 150 sculptures
Exhibited in over 100 shows:
In Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Concord, Lexington, NYC,
Chicago, Haggin Museum, Stockton California, Steamboat Springs Art Museum Colorado, SIDS Symposium Morges Switzerland
Jean Koch Award, best in show from Concord Art, Concord
Harriet Frishmuth Award, best stone sculpture, National Arts
Club NYC
Emerging Artist Award, St Botolph Club, Boston
Award Winner, Arc Gallery, Chicago IL,
Distinguished Achievement Award in Sculpture Haggin
Museum, Stockton CA.
Nature Award in Sculpture, Steamboat Springs Art Museum Colorado.
Gallery Representation:
L’attitude Gallery Boston, MA
Joseph Gallery, Ft Lauderdale, FLA
Abigail Ogilvy Gallery in Boston’s SoWa Arts District 2015-17 Mermaid Gallery , Hyannis MA. 2018
ArtBeat Magazine ( Colorado) 4/2017
Circle Arts Magazine ( Lyon France) 2018
Sculpture magazine March and April 2017 ( Athen Greece) American Art Connoisseur Sept 2018
Southwest Art Magazine June 2019
It’s All About The Arts, Boston cable 2017
Art Expo NY 2017(also used in their advertising) Art In Arlington ( ACMI) 2018

Artist Statement
My work is traditional sculpture with a contemporary twist.

I am transforming hard to soft, unmovable to pliable, challenging the stone to survive thin, curving, delicate expanses that seem contrary to the medium.The rigid material of stone comes to life and forms fluid, organic shapes that dance with energy. The spiraling crevices in abstract pieces, the curling petals of a calla lily, and the subtle contour where hip meets waist are all forms present in the sculpture.

I strive to bring softness, peace and transformation to my art and life.Walking around each piece, my hope is you, too, can find a glimmer of balance and ease that I consciously aim to create.

Additional Info:

Elisa Adams~an emerging artist nationally and internationally known, has been showing in the States at museums and in Switzerland. She has been in over 80 solo, duo and group exhibits and won several prestigious awards. Jean Koch award in Concord MA, Emerging artist award Arc Gallery, Chicago, Harriet Frishmuth Award, National Arts Club in NYC, Distinguished Art Award in Sculpture Haggin Museum , California and Natural Sculpture Award at Steamboat Springs Art Museum, Colorado.

Her journey has been enriching. Self taught only 15 years ago she has risen in the sculptural world. 1 of 25 world wide artist chosen to participate in the SIDS symposium in Morges Switzerland in 2019, she created and sold her sculpture made in 10 days out of a 500lb piece limestone. And recently was asked to be the President of The New England Sculptors Association, which she is fully embracing her responsibilities. Elisa, recently, has returned from SoFA Chicago where her art was well.

Metamorphosis was a study in the abstract. I create my work in an intuitive and flowing way. I have an idea of what I want to make, and then it evolves and morphs as the sculpture reveals itself. Metamorphosis came to be very organically. One can see the undulating lines that create a movement like that of a butterfly wing unfolding from its chrysalis. A new form to enjoy a new journey in life. This is how I think about my art. it is a journey that has movement and flow, yet also balancing the unknown possibilities with it. My work is created in peace and calm and hopefully that is conveyed to the viewer.

Contact Info:
Instagram: eadamsart
Facebook: Elisa Adams, Sculptor
Phone: 781-718-1444

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