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Artist Bio:
Elidea is a contemporary artist, born in Milan and based in Miami.

Upon finishing her studies at the European Design Institute, she began working as a graphic designer with several studios in Milan as well as participating in a professional collaboration at the European Design Institute of Milan for a Music Discography Graphics Course. In 1998 she started working with Studio Predesign, a renowned Italian agency specialized in discography graphics that collaborates with recording studios like SonyMusic, WarnerMusic, EMI Music and some of the Italian and International leading singers like Laura Pausini.

A fusion of her personal passion for contemporary art and photography with a graphic design background allows her to develop new expressive forms. Cutting, pasting, and overlaying allows her to create her unique vision; often surrealistic, full of stimulus, and coherent to her own taste.

Her art is a multilayer work with hidden details, her technique evolved from classic photos into a mixed media creations with the usage of paper, golden leaf, acrylic colors and pencil. Each painting takes on a life of its own and Elidea always feels as though she is collaborating with the piece of art itself. She believes her work could only ever happen that exact way on that exact day and place, and never again.

European influence is one of the keys to understanding her works that embodies the spirit of masters such as the Italian artist Mimmo Rotella and the German artist Gustav Klimt.

In 2017 Elidea has started a collaboration with one of the world’s largest Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise, for release of several original artworks assigned to the library and piano bar and restaurant area.

During Art Basel 2018 in Miami she received from Spectrum international art fair the award as BEST RISING ARTIST EXHIBITOR. Her works have been exhibited in numerous Italian art galleries between Milan and Venice and several art exhibitions in Miami, including Art Basel.  In USA her works have been represented by White Dot Gallery in Wynwood.

Additional Info:
Widewalls article Art Basel 2018:

Altered Perspectives – Female Artists on the Rise

Art review by Ph.D. Claudio Strinati

Art historian and Italian public manager, superintendent for the Roman Museum Pole from 1991 to 2009 and disseminator of art history.

“I saw the artistic work of Elidea, it seemed to me of great interest and quality.
is young Italian artist works using various techniques with great freedom and elegance but to achieve a unitary and very e ective result. Seeing the images she creates we can think simultaneously of the animated drawing, painting, cinema and photography.

I say this because we have the feeling that her images are forming in front of us while we observe the work of art. It seems to see the images move and animate. And this is true both for the gures and for the images of the city, and for the curious overlapping that the artist makes, in the same work, of painted parts and parts of the photograph. It is a very Italian characteristic that connects our artist to certain experiences of Italian pop culture like that of Mimmo Rotella, one of our greatest artists of the twentieth century.

At the same time it seems to me that Elidea has completely fallen into American culture and lives with intensity the life of Miami and the fast and cheerful rhythm of a city blessed by nature and welcoming. us this characteristic appears to me as the most beautiful quality of Elidea. An Italian artist who has entered, with personality and creative force, in the cultural dynamics of Miami. Young in age and spirit, mindful of its Italian origins but immersed in a world in constant transformation, a world that Elide is able to represent and love in her beautiful works.”

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