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Artist Bio:
Donice Bloodworth Jr. has always been an artist at heart. As a full-time artist and teacher he practices his art and is encouraged and inspired every day by his students. He has had the privilege of working with some of “the most profound artists in the field” while receiving his degree from the Atlanta College of Art. He also enjoys creating in traditional media such as oil and pastels. After receiving many awards and accolades throughout his career at Tucker High School, Donice went on to attend Albany State University and Atlanta College of Art where he received his BFA in illustration. In 2001 he began his Career at Pace Academy and started teaching courses in the Upper school art department. These courses include Drawing, Painting, Intro to Art, Digital Illustration, and Advanced Studio.
Donice believes in “encouraging each individual student in their own way and making them comfortable with their own skills as an artist.” While Donice realizes that every student will not have the same skills, he maintains that they can master the types of skills they do have and are comfortable with if given the right tools and ideas. In his free time, Donice enjoys painting almost anything including murals, clothing, and many commissioned pieces. As portraiture is a favorite past time of his, Donice most enjoys painting people and his most recent series called Naturally celebrates women of color and their hair.

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