Booth #1119, #1121

Artist Bio:
Sonia Jones is a self-taught artist. She originally from Oakland California but currently lives and work in the Washington DC Metro area. Sonia has been painting and drawing since she was very young and have showcased her work in local art galleries since high school. She taken Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art in high school as well as taken collegiate level art/graphic design courses. Sonia has utilized her artistic talents throughout her college and professional career, creating marketing materials and doing some commissioned work. The subject of her work is centered around creating portraits of black men, women, and children across the diaspora as well as other minorities. The portraits she create aim to tackle issues ranging from the grim to the appropriation of a culture, to the light-hearted, to high fashion. Some portraits examine the inner workings of a certain society, while other paintings merely try to widen the viewer’s experience and view of a culture.

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