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Artist Bio:
A highly driven and passionate self-taught Artist with 21 years’ experience known for his unique Afrocentric sculpture artworks made out of Recycled Sawdust and his bold colorful mixed media paintings. Possess a strong sense of artistry combined with entrepreneurship, which is consistently displayed across all artworks. Born in the West African country of Ghana in 1975 into a family of artists, Alfred Addo was exposed to art from infancy on. His primary inspiration came from his father, who exhibited his own work regularly and challenged Addo to produce unique artwork. And though Addo was passionate about art, he also possessed a keen interest in the physical sciences, a field he found satisfyingly challenging. He was torn between going to college to study Medicine and pursuing his passion to be a professional Artist. In the end, he chose to follow his passion and pursue art full-time. Since then, Addo has specialized in sculpture as the core of his art profession. Interestingly, his physical science background led him to experiment with different materials, including sawdust, which he played with throughout his childhood at the sawmill where his father bought and cut wood for his sculpture pieces. Just as many kids creatively use sand on the beach to build sand castles, Addo during his childhood learnt how to use moistened sawdust as a medium to create beautiful art pieces he later played with or gifted to family members and friends. Naturally, Addo grew up loving this medium and decided to make it the main medium for all his artworks. Passionate about the sustainability of the environment and the earth we live in now, Addo perfected the method of recycling sawdust and waste packaging materials to create various types of sculpture and relief works. 95% of his artworks are created using environmentally preferred materials as his contribution to the global efforts help sustain the environment for the next generations to come. Alfred Addo has successfully participated in many international art exhibitions throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, Santa Fe, Atlanta, San Diego, Martha’s Vineyard and of course in his home city Accra. He is widely collected in South Africa, where he maintains his studio and has been commissioned by reputable bodies including the Reserve Bank of South Africa, South African Civil Aviation Authority, CSIR, Gauteg Planning and Economic Development Brand South Africa and many Corporate Organizations.

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