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Artist Bio:
Dejan was born in 1986 in Bosnia. He grew up in Serbia, Belgrade.

In 2007, Dejan curated his first exhibit at Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade along with Milica Cukic – Chief Curator of the MAA.. He was a frequent exhibitor at “Nigh of the Museums” event in Belgrade where he exhibited various of art and photography works in galleries across the city each year. Besides Art, Dejan gained his reputation as one of the best Fashion Designers in Belgrade and after moving to NYC in 2011, he continued his Fashion career working with major designers and magazines. Dejan moved to Miami in 2017 where he decided to focus on Art and now he is working from his studio in Miami Beach under the name DESPOTOVICH.

His melancholic yet dark and poetic works include digital art on paper and different techniques on Canvas, using materials such as ropes to achieve the transfer of his imagination and emotion onto the surface.

Dejan’s saying that best describes his work is:

“Ties hurt only if we let them hurt us. If we learn to love every knot around us, the ropes will lead us to our Heaven”

Additional Info:
The piece on canvas is built with 3 canvases that are tied together. The figures in Dejan’s work represent LIFE and HUMAN BEINGS as objects that are tied with invisible (in this case visible) ropes/obstacles in life. We all are looking for the better future in life and these obstacles are something that is preventing us to get to the better life faster. We need to learn how to love every single obstacle in life in order to succeed.

Also the inspiration comes from the Future robotic era and the subject is questioning sexuality when Robots become available for use….

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