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Artist Statement: 
We are nothing but human clay malleable & easily manipulated by others or artfully sculpted to our highest vision but only if we stay conscious.

There was a time it was considered noble to be willing to do whatever it takes to give your family the opportunity at a better life. There are forefathers and grandfathers we praise for having the foresight and fortitude to venture out away from their home and forge a new future for generations to come. They didn’t ask for permission because they didn’t need to. we accepted them into the loving arms of lady liberty and told them we have a place for you. Back then if you were willing to work hard you could help make America Great. Somewhere along the lines the vision of a place where everyone can contribute what they have to offer has been distorted by people who believe there isn’t enough to go around. Fear has replaced hope and we have decided that we no longer want to share our good fortune, that regardless of how we got here, we are here, and there are enough Americans in America and not enough of the American dream to go around. We somehow allowed our grandfathers to forget their forefathers and prevent the fathers of today from giving their families a hope for a better life. We used to be on the side of the good in this world and got the blessings that come with that. the greatest irony of all is the leader of this hate movement is running on platform of Making America Great Again as he tries his best destroy what has made America great. Diversity.

This is a painting that was done on twenty-for empty boxes of Don Julio 1942 Anejo Tequila that have been neatly stacked into a three row eight column wall. The retail price of twenty-four bottles of Don Julio 1942 with tax included is over three thousand dollars which is roughly equivalent to the average Mexican household’s per capita yearly income.

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