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Artist Bio:
Chu is a very passionate and committed artist whose works express volumes about his remarkable artistic journey and inspiring life story.

He began creating art early as a child. Initially inspired by his artist mother, he went on to study and graduate from the IMT Fine Art School Nigeria with a degree in Painting.
Through experimentation and commitment to developing his craft, he progressively became an accomplished artist.

For several years, he explored multiple styles and genres; and his constant inquiry about nature and the artistic entropy of the Universe prepared him for the vision he received in 2010 to create the innovative style of painting in Concentric Circles.

With the avid use of fluid, soothing and yet profound color palette, he uses tactile concentric circles to tell visceral and subtle visual narratives. His avid, exploring mind and steady hands dance to the compelling rhythm of creativity that has helped push the boundaries of modern art.

He currently has a Studio in Houston Texas; as he travels all over the world for his Art and Art events.

Additional Info:
-Winner of Adolph and Esther Gotlieb Foundation NY Grant
for Accomplished Painters with 10 years plus career. 2018.
-Winner of a Medici Medal Award in Painting at the International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence Italy. 2015

Circles represents continuity; the cyclical nature of existence and immortality.
This style culminated in a sleep dream Chu had 9 years ago after many years of drawing precise circles free-hand.  It’s sort of an Ode to his fascination with concentric motion.

Multiple concentric circles are built layer by layer upon a completed painting; using pure premium undiluted oil paint to meticulously apply thick texture in circular motion. Delicately but with flourish, every inch of space is matched color by color with the oil pigment taking cue from a focal point, traveling the paths of the concentric motion to reveal a vortex of expanding energy. The goal is to achieve symmetry with flair; and precision without being mechanical.

The circles drawn free-hand, guided by Mathematical impulse.
It’s very intense and requires focus and sometimes isolation to create a piece.
This one of a kind art has very narrow margin for error, and can take from 6 to 8 weeks to complete an small 22” X 28” canvas piece size.

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