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Welcome to the world of Christina Koli, a Canadian mixed-media artist, who’s whole life has centred around the Arts. Her exposure to the Arts began with her family members of professional musicians, quilters, and artists, and then in her 20 year professional career where she rose to creative leadership roles in Toronto’s fashion accessories and cosmetics industries.

As a graduate of visual communications from the world renowned college of O.C.A.D. in Toronto Canada, Christina developed her unique style of painting. Her abstract paintings are a spontaneous expression of her sensitivity to the spirit of her subject. The result is a beautiful, playful, dance of light and textural delight …truly a celestial experience for the viewer.

Every painting is a personal adventure, exploration, and process of discovery for Christina. She is always learning new mediums and techniques to express her vision. This ensures a fresh, new approach to each painting, making each work of art unique and a delight to experience.

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