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Artist Bio:
Considered a reference in Latin American Graphic Art, Germán Quino – CHERMAN – was born and raised in Lima, Perú. Although strongly influenced by his surroundings, his work is a representation of communicative resourcefulness of graphic and pop art. During his career, Cherman has stood out for his promotion of Peruvian culture through his art.

Cherman discovered drawing at an early age. He was, and continues to be, self taught, having attended important workshops with great figures of Peruvian art such as sculptor Carmen Herrera, cartoonist Juan Acevedo and photographer Luis Felipe Cueto. Over the years Cherman has also learned the different graphic processes, printing techniques, and about the architecture, and use of paper.

Through his prolific, 30-year career, Cherman has produced original and limited edition, as well as, designs and productions of logos for bands, CDs, art catalogs, campaigns, clothing (including the soccer jersey for the national Peruvian team in 2012), and commercial interventions. Cherman also created the Crash Boom Zap fanzine, which published 18 issues with free circulation of 10,000 copies per print run.

In 2009, one of his drawings was included in Design for Obama. Posters for Change: A Grassroots Anthology, a selection curated by Spike Lee and Aaron Perry-Zucker that illustrates one of the most inspirational presidential campaigns in American History.

Artist Statement:
Cherman = Artist, Self-taught, Rebel, Capricorn, Creative, Provocateur, Crític, Revolutionary, Romantic, Idealist, Peruvian.

People say that some are born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth, but I was born with a pencil in my hand. My first memory of drawing is in kindergarden, when in the world of my imagination I came to surrounded by my classmates and teacher watching me draw. I thus discovered the power of drawing. That was the beginning of what would be my social, cultural and graphik training. Drawing is, to this day, my everyday communication tool.

My foundation rests in the newstands of my neighborhood, where I discovered the work of many other creative souls – Artists, who through comics, found the power to communicate a message with substance. That, coupled with my socio-historical curiosity, made me become a Graphik Artist unfolding a multidimentional path. All these experiences gave way to CHERMANY.

CHERMANY’s mission is to represent Honest Art in the midst of this communicative, technological, commercial revolution in which we live, and to be able to transmit a social message revaluing the basic principles of what is “human”. CHERMANY seeks to be a source of energy, communicating social messages through popular graphik art. It strives to be a new trigger for communication.

Graphik Art has been with us for centuries. My intention is to use it as cultural heritage in order to protect and defend my principles, to add and spread important values, to be an invitation to believe in the best version of ourselves, and awaken audiences, the same way my drawing did in kindergarden.

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