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Artist Bio:
Bonnie’s award-winning fine art including, paintings, mixed media, and photography, has been exhibited in numerous solo and group shows. Her photography has been published in two books for the United Arts of Central Florida Red Chair Project. Her work is included in galleries and public and private collections. To add to her many talents, Bonnie has and continues to do set design, scenic painting, make-up and stage management. Since 1986 she has owned Uniquely Sprung Art and Photography Studio and Muscular Motion Gym.

Being green minded, Bonnie Sprung transforms CD and DVD’s into works of art she calls DiskArt.

Some of her series of works include Watery Landscapes • Hidden Word Series. Each painting has a word hidden within the trees and landscape.

Additional Info:
Being green minded, Bonnie Sprung transforms CD and DVD’s into works of art she calls DiskArt. Bonnie utilizes CD/DVD disks that were old, worn and bad. So instead of turning them into garbage, they are now turned into cool art. She is always in need of them, so before you toss any, please send them her way. She will give them new life.

The beginning of each DiskArt piece starts with canvas being glued and trimmed to each individual disk then painted randomly with acrylic colors. Handwritten; using dimensional fabric paints are TV/Movie/Theatre titles, facts and quotes. The disks are also layered to give the faces some depth, using different sizes of bottle caps. The portraits are finished with a three color oil paint.

As a kid; like many others you would lay on your back and look up into the sky to see the formations of what the clouds looked like to you. Sometimes you look at trees and the nature around and you would do the same. In my “Watery Landscape-Hidden Word Series”, I created paintings as tree filled landscapes, wherein the trees form the letters that create the inspirational words.

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