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The German artist and philosopher Maria Wirth shows pieces of her current series „Figures as Ornaments“ (2018-19) dealing with the deconstruction and formal distortion of the human and again and again also animal body in communication with rhythms of ornamental and abstracted organic forms. The challenge of these works lies in the exploration of such suggestions of motion, atmospheres of feeling and synaesthetical characters that are carried by forms, lines and color landscapes and form their own language beyond the world of words. From a philosophical point of view, this dialectic between creation and dissolution of „Gestalt“ (shape) can be seen as a proceeding reflection about the nature and the consistence of identity and meaning.

Maria Wirth was born in Berlin in 1987. In addition to building up her artistic career, she completed her B.A. in German Philology and M.A. in Philosophy. Her practical artistic education is characterized by an independent exploration of techniques and materials interacting with the changing requirements of her humanities-inspired subjects and her struggle for always challenging the personal status quo. One of the leading principles of her work is the transformation of intellectual, spiritual and emotional actualities into the language of the visual world. Maria Wirth works in Berlin and Istanbul, and since 2017 coordinates the Berlin ArtStudio Maria Wirth as Gallery Director and Curator collaborating with Art Vision Gallery Istanbul since 2019.

Exhibitions in Berlin, Istanbul, Rome, Paris, New York and Monaco

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