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Painter and sculptor Ylan Anoufa is an artist in constant evolution. Over the past few years he has been combining his stylistic work with his passion of painting and sculpture, with his graphic and rhythmic touches, showing his musical and poetic inspirations. His works pay particular attention to colour, harmony, space and form, elements that make his art vibrant, intense and visually striking. Ylan Anoufa is also a socially conscientious artist, who expresses himself through humour and derision!

on subjects that matter to him. His lifestyle becomes an art. He is often participating with charities, trying to recreate the harsh present and turning it into visual poetry. His paintings are inspired by movie icons such as Steve McQueen, Marilyn Monroe, Jean-Paul Belmondo or music stars such as Jimmy Hendrix and Ben Harper, to name a few. His techniques differ from collection to collection; from regular acrylic painting to collages made from unusual fabric like leather, or working with recycled materials such as bottle caps; like Bike (in partnership with Peugeot), Gun, Skull and Penis. His most famous sculpture is the 3 meter high Giraffe, built from toys donated by Toys R Us. His creativity is nourished by his diversification.

His collection of 10 robots, created from Macintosh computers, was exposed all over the world. His last pieces like re-cycled metal sculptures, poker paintings, animal heads and metal 3d animal paintings “Les Sympatics” are presented in best art galeries around the world.

This Year the artist comes back with his creation to his childhood dream..the teddy bear. A collection of geometric bears made from metlal, almost eternal material brings up the long story about life, love, joy and human destiny which could be changed in positive way.

Boundless fantasy source, the childhood invites creativity and expression of emotions. Ylan Anoufa’s art pieces are unique, modern, humorous, and thought provoking, yet always with a positive message at its centre.

His last sculpture collection of geometric teddies “ anoufa bears” made from metal, aluminium or bronze, almost eternal material brings up the long story about life, love, joy and human destiny which could be changed in positive way. Giant Anoufa Bears .. going up to 5 meters are displayed in Paris, Macau, Hong Kong and Warsaw.

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