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Artist Bio:
Brandalism has been a long term project devised by Antonio Brasko, as an in depth study of the impact street art has on the world of fashion. Employing the existing brands, their signature nuances and spray cans, Brandalism is an experimental exhibit investigating the dual perspective of the graffiti and fashion bond from designers point of view.

Brandalism has already gained notable reputation, being featured in some of the foremost street art magazines and galleries as well. Although this is not the first presentation of the concept exhibition, this edition contains certain novelties in content and design alike.

As an established name in the design world, Antonio Brasko draws most of his inspiration from the world of urban street art and freedom that it proclaims, and shapes it up in attractive, vividly colored artworks.

Additional Info:

Brandalism is a study on the influence of street art and graffiti in the fashion world. Through the use of brand marks, iconic colors, and spray cans, Brandalism seeks to reintroduce the ideology of vandalism, branding and fashion from an experimental art perspective.

Standing 9.5” tall (24cm) tall, each of the 510g acrylic spray paint cans are meticulously hand-crafted and limited to only 100 units. Spray paint cans are signed, numbered, serialized and include a certificate of authenticity.

2019 – Solo Exhibit, Spectrum Art Fair, Miami, Florida

2019 – Solo Exhibit, Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art, Brooklyn, New York

2018 – Group Exhibit, Out of Sight, Invisible Space Gallery, Miami, Florida

2017 – Group Exhibit, Filter Art Pop-Up, Design Week, Portland, Oregon

2017 – Group Exhibit, Label It – Trademarks in Fashion, Mode Museum, Antwerpen, Belgium

2016 – Paris Saint-Germain Pop-Up, The Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2016 – Solo Exhibit, Reigning Champ x Portland Timbers, Augen Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2015 – Solo Exhibit, Brandalism Spray Paint Collection, Fatlace, Los Angeles, California

2014 – Group Exhibit, Just For Kicks, Index Gallery, Portland, Oregon

2014 – Solo Exhibition, Brandalism, The Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2013 – Solo Exhibition, Brandalism, Gallery 135, Portland, Oregon

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