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We need room to let our imaginations soar – I dream and then I paint”

Rivka Lemberg believes a good painting will evoke an emotion or tell a story, she tries to do both in her work. Very often her work is laden with symbolism, as she builds up her painting with texture and layers of paint and meaning.

“As a child of Holocaust survivors I grew up without grandparents and relatives. I spent a great deal of time thinking about what we lost”. It was in those early years that her imagination took root and she found painting a means of expression. “My imagination was much more colorful than our drab apartment building in The Bronx. We couldn’t afford art lessons, so I’m basically self taught”.

Painting took a hiatus from Rivka’s life when she got married and began raising her family. “I almost forgot what it felt like to hold a paint brush – but about 5 years ago I began again, and haven’t been able to stop”.  She paints well into the night, finding inspiration while the rest of the world sleeps, and finding the long neglected part of herself that yearned for self-expression.

Rivka’s art expresses her eclectic abilities as an artist; joining contemporary, abstract expressionism and folk art.  She also uses a great deal of texture and various mediums which give her paintings a hearty “3D” effect.

She says she takes particular pleasure in watching people study her paintings and find aspects the them that she herself didn’t see. “I am a firm believer that art should not be so obvious a subject – we need room to let our imaginations soar”.   AZ

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