Spotlight Program

Since its launch in 2016, the Spotlight Program has continued to be a highlight of Spectrum Miami’s programming and events. Check back in November for information on the Spotlight Program for Spectrum Miami 2020.

2019 Spotlight Program Recipients

Alfano Sculpture

Hopkinton. Massachusetts
Booth S410

Michael Alfano is known for creating figurative and surrealistic sculpture that goes beyond the literal, adapting the figure to convey philosophical ideas and abstract concepts. He creates art that relates to the everyday, yet causes people to experience, think, and understand life more fully. Alfano is also an accomplished portrait and realistic artist, having studied at the Art Students League in New York City.

In the Northeast, Alfano has created more than two dozen public sculptures, including George Brown at the starting line of the Boston Marathon, Ethics of Peace at Georgetown University, and six sculptures at the Museum of Science in Boston. His portraits of leaders include Anwar Sadat, Senator Edward Kennedy, Milton Friedman and Bollywood superstar, Rajinikanth. At juried exhibitions, Alfano has won over 70 awards, including the designation “Sculptor of the Year.” His work is found in private collections, galleries, and museums around the world. Originally from Long Island, NY, Alfano now works and resides in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Contact Michael Alfano


Long Beach, California
Booth S500

Artnwordz is a unique pop art company from the couple Micha Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen. Micha is originally from Berlin, Germany. Growing up with all kinds of designing and crafting projects, having art as a major in school and being a jack of all trades, she put her skills to good use professionally in such areas as map-making, graphic design and creating fashion jewelry. This is why her attention to detail is so exacting and she creates the more aesthetic balanced compositions. Grant is from Los Angeles, California. An actor and Broadway musical performer all over the U.S. and world, Grant is also a professional photographer and artist. He can be lovingly described as having hamsters running around inside his head—which lead to many of the wonderfully twisted creations.

The couple brings their balance and sensibilities together to create their unique designs from original artworks to commission pieces, to their gift and apparel merchandise which are featured in hotels and galleries, as well as retail stores throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, Grant and Micha are
also featured artists by Vice World, a documentary show featuring their process, story and creative approach producing a series of original artworks centering around the prohibition era and in an upcoming coffee table book alongside other well-known artists, creating conceptual Rock and Roll Album Covers, that never were, of famous groups.

This is Artnwordz, two people who love what they do and do what they love in the hopes of moving people in some way with their art.

Contact Michaela Kuechenhoff


North Bay Village, Florida
Booth S418

Elidea is a contemporary artist, born in Milan and based in Miami. Upon finishing her studies at the European Design Institute, she began working as a graphic designer with several studios in Milan as well as participating in a professional collaboration at the European Design Institute of Milan. A fusion of her personal passion for contemporary art and photography, alongside a graphic design background, allows her to develop new expressive forms.

Cutting, pasting, and overlaying allows her to create her unique vision; often surrealistic, full of stimulus, and coherent to her own taste. Her art is a multilayer work with hidden details, her technique evolved from classic photos into a mixed media creations with the usage of paper, golden leaf, acrylic colors and pencil.
Each painting takes on a life of its own and Elidea always feels as though she is collaborating with the piece of art itself. She believes her work could only ever happen that exact way on that exact day and place, and never again. European influence is one of the keys to understanding her works that embodies the spirit of masters such as the Italian artist Mimmo Rotella and the German artist Gustav Klimt.

Contact: Elide Arosio

Henrie Collection

Bountiful, Utah
Booth S223

The artist, Cary Henrie, has always been intrigued with the passage of time and memory. Symbols, writings, music and underlying hints of world travel and art history sometimes are imprinted in the surfaces. The overall impression is one of thoughtful calm and quiet. He is a native of Utah who studied at Pratt Institute in NY, NY. After 10 years in Manhattan, he moved to his current studio in Bountiful, Utah. He is married to Saunie Henrie and has four children, his oldest, Annie, is an excellent figurative artist in her own right.

For Spectrum Miami, Henrie has created a new series of vibrant aluminum Waves that shimmer and undulate out from the wall, mirroring the waters and environs of Miami. Each unique piece is made of hand ground aluminum and metallic acrylic layers, create a shimmering, almost holographic effect that changes with light and viewers position.

Henrie’s collectors include Whoopi Goldberg, Christy Walton of WalMart, Mrs. Fields of Mrs. Fields Cookies and prominent CEO’s and various corporations. They have also been used in apartment scenes in major motion pictures.

Contact Cary Henrie

Jason Perez Art

Miami, Florida
Booth 901

Jason Perez Art is a collection of global artists and trendsetters that span from coast to coast. Each artist has their own unique spin on what we define as modern art, so there is something for everyone. The artists have been carefully selected to be featured in the collective.

On a mission to continue his father’s legacy, help artists reach their highest potential, make dreams come true, and inspire others, Jason Perez is making all the right moves and positioning himself as a leading, up-and-coming art broker by representing artists through his recently launched art collective, Jason Perez Art.

Contact Jason Perez

Captain Casual is a refreshing breath of happiness and color. Completely self taught, Casual’s ability to pull from street art, pop and contemporary are nothing short of unconventional and eye catching. Critics say it’s the perspective gained from his experience of dying and coming back to life that gives his works so much emotion and tangibility. Working with brands like Nike, Neiman’s, and Tillys show how much versatility he can bring to the table. In Miami, working on projects with Jason Perez to expand his reach and lock in key events like Spectrum and Zenith.

Captain Casual is one of the most friendly and outgoing artists you will ever meet. His paintings are no different, seemingly inviting you in to explore the boundaries of color. His ability to paint in a multitude of different styles is impressive, but it will be excited to see where he gravitated to in the future. Definitely one of the artists to watch and if there was ever a style of painting to evoke happiness, this is it.

Captain Casual, Casual Whisper | Jason Perez Art

Who am I? What am I? Why do I do it? My name is Sebastian Ferreira. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in both Miami and Memphis. I am currently based out of Edgewater, NJ. I am focused on an amalgam of abstract calligraphy and pop art. I try to create intense portraiture with my love of graffiti and lettering. I am a passionate artist who likes to incite and provoke feeling from people who view my work. My work isn’t only about how it makes me feel, it’s about how it makes you feel. Many times you love a particular piece and can’t readily explain why. It’s just a feeling. Painting, for me, has been a long, happy, confusing, and at times, emotionally arduous journey. In the past, I was my biggest obstacle. Creating something out of nothing is the greatest fulfillment as an artist. It serves as my fuel to continue exploring. I am influenced by love, hate, music, politics, happiness, tragedy, beauty, nature, and the list goes on. Every painting I create is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to understand who i am. They all add to my journey and I welcome you to be a part of it.

Sebastian Ferreria, Unititled | Jason Perez Art

Artist Sal Gaetan lives and works in Long Island, New York, where he first gained notoriety with his unique style of designing in the Sports Supplement Industry. His most recent and notable work is The Marilyn. His work ranges from pop art to art deco through a wealth of mediums: rich canvases, acrylic paints, mixed canvases, diamond dust, resin, and ubiquitous prints; in cities ranging from New York to Arizona, to cities all around the world. As a painter, designer, art director, and illustrator, Sal has worked in the design/marketing industry for over 20 years, making him distinguished in both the fine art and commercial advertising domain.

Having known Jason Perez for over 10 years, and seeing his influence grow because of his eye for selecting unique works of art, and thanks to his father’s success in the Art world (Michael Perez), Sal decided that teaming up with the Jason Perez Art Collective was essential for him to become an iconic artist.

Sal Gaetan, The Marylin | Jason Perez Art

Cody Parker a self taught artist from Pittsburgh with a unique style of art he has developed over the past several years. Cody’s style has a blend of fine art mixed with modern street art. More recently, Cody has been developing photorealism with extensive use linear graphics, accented with color. Up close, the viewer will see the abstract concept and only as the viewer moves further away does Cody’s image begin to take life. In addition to fine art, Cody also has many murals he has completed from West Palm Beach to Wynwood.

Cody Parker, Into The Abyss | Jason Perez Art

From New York to Miami, Jason Perez is dialed into his artistic passions and with tremendous momentum, is making creative, collective moves in the world of art. As a highly motivated, inspired, and focused Pop/Abstract/Street Artist on a mission to continue his father’s legacy, help artists reach their highest potential, make dreams come true, and inspire others, Jason Perez is making all the right moves and positioning himself as a leading, up-and-coming art broker by representing artists through his recently launched art collective, Jason Perez Art.

Jason Perez, Concrete Flower | Jason Perez Art

G.J. Pierre also known as King Redd is an Afro-Caribbean artist born on the small island of St. Croix in the mid 80’s. When he was three he came to the states and settled in Miami with other family members. Growing up as the youngest of five, his single mother raised him as best she could, bestowing upon him old fashioned values along with things like comic books and game consoles to hold his attention and keep him off the streets.

It is from his upbringing as well as the life around him that he draws his artistic inspiration. He started by drawing superheroes, eventually graffiti and kept a sketch book with him always. In his early 20’s, he turned his love of art into a profession as a tattoo artist and kept that up for 12 years. In early 2017, he met a few instrumental people In his transition from tattoo artist to visual artist. One of them being David Lebatard, a well known Miami artist who invited him to his studio in which the fire was lit. Lebo was encouraging and this led to Pierre completing his first painting in April of that year.

Later that year Pierre met his art dealer Jason Perez in Wynwood. Perez has gone on to secure Pierre many sales and the two have a partnership that has led to Pierre showing work during Miami Art Week, as well as shows at the SLS hotel and other venues. This fairly new but ambitious artist has done a lot and will continue to pursue a promising career in art. Stay tuned and watch this artist grow into an artist that we will all eventually know.

King Redd, Everything You'll Ever Need | Jason Perez Art

New York Artist, Michael Perez, is one of the most renown Modern Pop artists of our time. Always on the cutting edge, his art is extremely dynamic and is distinguished by his use of contrasting colors and shapes. His innovative artwork is most immediately recognized by his distinctive unique faces, flowers and figures.

​After college, Michael worked in the advertising industry, but continued to pursue his true passion: painting. As a native New Yorker and success as an artist and gallery owner in the Hamptons, Michael felt that he must do his part in keeping New York City a cultural mecca for the arts, so he chose TriBeCa and Chelsea as locations for expansion to help participate in the re-growth of lower Manhattan. “In life you can’t stay stagnant… you have to keep going forward and fulfilling your dreams… or at least try. For me personally, I need this constant challenge, it keeps me creative and determined to succeed”, says Michael. “Nobody hands you anything in life. You have to look out for yourself and make things happen…take the initiative. If you succeed, that’s great, if it fails at least you know you gave it your all, and you’ll never have to wonder… what if”. After an extremely successful 5 years in Manhattan, Michael has decided to get back to basics and concentrate on his painting again full time. Keeping only his original Southampton gallery, he now has more time to focus on his art again with 100% pure creative energy.

Michael Perez, New York To Miami | Jason Perez Art

Diane Portwood was an avid competitor in the sport of eventing, an Olympic equestrian sport. She represented the United States in the North American Young Rider Championships in 2013 and 2015, bringing home team gold and individual gold. In early 2016, she had her sights set on qualifying for the Rio Olympics. Unfortunately, not far into the season a horse fell on top of her, completely severing her hip flexor causing extensive nerve damage. This injury ended her competitive eventing career. Unable to do anything physically active during her recovery, she turned to the canvas. Many of Diane’s works feature a theme of growth and decay, a balance of hope and cynicism representing the struggles she faced as she moved on with her life in the wake of the injury. Her artwork now resides in galleries around the United States and with collectors around the world, much of this stemming from joining the Jason Perez Art Collective.

Diane Portwood You Got Me Questioning What I Think Is Importanti | Jason Perez Art

Skel, aka Jason Skeldon, is a contemporary Pop Artist originally from Las Vegas, now residing in Tampa, Florida, and represented by Jason Perez Art. His works are displayed all across the United States, including Los Angeles, New York, and Miami. Heavily influenced by pop culture and current events, Skel uses an array of materials including spray paint, acrylic, watercolor, stencils, and resins. As a self-taught artist, Skel created his own style of art through passion and trial and error.

Jason Skeldon, Dapper Thanos | Jason Perez Art

Tomori is a formally trained Japanese-American artist whose fresh, contemporary style gives new life to both Industrial Pop Surrealism and traditional Edo Period Japanese Art. Tomori’s Industrial Pop artwork is influenced by his time spent living and working in both New York and Miami. On the Industrial Pop art side, he focuses on vibrant, surreal interpretations of 50’s era Planes, Trains and Automobiles as frequent subject matter. He also incorporates smaller, viscerally urban texture pieces, often incorporating found objects such as bolts, rivets and metal plates. His pop works utilize a fish-eye lens distortion combined with a forced perspective of the subjects primarily in a post-apocalyptic New York City setting.

On the Japanese Contemporary art side, Tomori taps into his heritage as he focuses the Samurai, Geisha and abstracted Japanese Kanji characters as subject matter. There is a very historic look and feel through the use of strong, irregular texturing in his signature tiling technique, yet the colors, composition, and attitude of the subjects are fresh and engaging. He has coined his painting style as Neo-Edo art. A reference to the stylized art from the Edo Period (1603-1868) but with his fresh, contemporary evolved interpretation of this genre.

Brian Tomori, The Courtesan | Jason Perez Art

Todd Monk Art

Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Booth S509

Todd Monk is an emerging realistic painter using a completely unique style called Pixilism, creating vibrantly beautiful, large scale paintings that are truly alluring. He methodically plans spectrums to produce these luscious pieces, while bursting with vibrant color. His Pixelism style is done with much detail that when viewed from afar the painting is seemingly photographic and realistic. Looking closer, one can behold the phenomenal amount of work gone into each and every single brush stroke laid on the canvas.

Monk’s work is defined by a dedication to detail, recreating luminous feminine figures, and not being afraid to bridge sensuality with elegance. Monk’s works are painted with hundreds 
of pixelated textures achieving human-like tones. Meticulously rendered, his acrylic painting employs his signature and realistic style to give the viewer the impression of a living, breathing, and sensual figure.

Monk explores beauty while presenting emotions of tranquility, and sensuality. He evokes excitement, inviting the spectator into a somewhat private environment, such as a woman swimming nude in her own privacy, eliciting 
a meditative juncture. Best known for his seductive figures, the viewer is captivated by the unseen, inner life of the subjects he portrays.

Contact: Todd Monk

Artnwordz - Picasso

2018 Spotlight Recipients


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Booth 105 & 108

At Artblend, a team of award-winning professionals, Michael and Elaine Joseph, focus on current trends and technology to assist artists worldwide through their company, Artblend Inc. They use Artblend as a way to examine and redefine the traditional criteria for artists to run a successful art business. Artblend operates as a full-service, art-related business offering gallery and art fair exhibitions, marketing and promotion, book publishing, and magazine profiles to emerging, mid-career, and established artists from around the world.

Over the last 10 years, Artblend has worked with hundreds of artists from around the world. Artblend is a multifaceted art company with much to offer. In the art gallery, Artblend represents artists wishing full time exhibition. The biannual publication, Artblend Magazine, features multiple artists. Artblend exhibits with multiple art fairs across the country each year, creating another layer of exposure for represented artists. Additionally, Artblend creates publishing and marketing for dozens of artists each year.
Contact: Michael Joseph


Andrea Broyles is a contemporary figurative painter and sculptor whose work explores and is based on the human condition specifically emotionality, mortality and conflict. Using the figure, she creates pieces that are filled with emotion and challenge the eye and the intellect. Paintings and sculptures are worked in a variety of media such as clay, plaster and oil on board, offer ambiguous, enigmatic narratives drawn from her life that resonate with the viewer on many levels. Broyles’s paintings and sculptures are in many private collections in the U.S and abroad. Broyles currently lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

artblend | She Buddha | Andrea Broyles

Paintings “I create art like I make chocolate chip cookies neither is made the same way twice.”This dynamic artist’s art has been in demand since she began selling in the 1960’s. In the 1990’s she was a popular creative force on the national interior design scene. As her style has evolved through the years, each fresh expression has been greeted with enthusiasm and demand. Recently Christine’s work has been displayed in museums, galleries and in corporate and private collections throughout the United States. Christine’s artistic style shows a maturity that comes from her lifetime of creative exploration. Her “experimental abstractions of the real”, are filled with “playful iconic symbols” which enable her “to integrate the real with the playfulness of the abstract.”Christine holds three postgraduate degrees in the fine arts and is a signature member of six national watercolor societies. She has won 65 national awards and has been involved in over 60 publications.

artblend | Ring Masters Coat | Christine Alfery

Photography is McCormick’s artistic creative passion. His portfolio includes orchids, flowers, light, cacti, leaves, the surf’s motion on the beaches. Now an exploration of a new area: Abstract Photography, the interface of air, oil, water, glass and motion. There is a quiet peacefulness in this art that takes he says takes him away from the tension and intensity of his work as a physician in emergency medicine. He states: “Experimentation with cameras and lenses in nearly microscopic places gives us the privilege to capture fleeting moments in time. It takes us to worlds where light, color, oil, water, glass, air and time all collide and disperse. Each picture is a unique fragment of a second that can never occur again. Curiosity and inspiration find their strongest voice in the abstract. We become inquisitive and consider: focal planes, motion, color, and the materials… all captured in a fractured moment in time. The most evocative and provocative images are the ones where people have independent impressions inspired from the same print.”

artblend | Galaxy Red | Jim McCormick

Larry Levine is one of the most influential photographers who has clicked striking photographs for practically 40 years. He is a brand in himself and it is reflected in his photography. Through his work, he has defined creativity. The artistry of his photographs is born of a keen eye for different moods. He specializes in fine art, landscapes, media, family, children, pet portraits, and commercial photography. With distinct flair, he has clicked unmatched photographs over the world. Mr. Levine’s style is distinctive. His talent for rare captures of amazing light and fleeting atmosphere has driven him success. His photography is a blend of unique moments that generate the magic. He understands the need for shots that capture the atmosphere, brand interaction, and audience reactions.

artblend | Killdeer | Laurence Levine

Michael Joseph is an American fine art photographer who is best known for his award winning international black-and-white photographs of architecture and structures. He is a self-taught photographer who works with 35mm film. Michael Joseph was born in the industrial town of Methuen, Massachusetts in 1962, his passion photography began as a child watching his father make images reappear almost magically with his Polaroid camera. Today he has traveled to all 48 contiguous united states, many international cities, and continues to make interesting photographs otherwise gone unnoticed. He is recognized for his images of urban cityscapes highlighting distinctive angles in architecture.Joseph’s work has appeared in many solo exhibitions throughout the country, and has been honored in a number of juried art shows. His photographs are in several important public, private, and museum collections.

artblend | Transformation V-7 | Michael Joseph

As Monica describes: “I have learned that life is an illusion and dreams have to be given a release date to make them come true. After so many attempts, I decided to act. I took a blank canvas and with reverence and fear began to paint. I learned from many teachers, and I will continue doing it. Just the fact of imagining what I will leave revealed in a painting makes me transcend. I take the challenge, I dare to daydream. I get rid of my fears and excuses. I begin to flow between fabrics and paintings…I am happy!”

artblend | Armonia | Monica Tambini

In this series of paintings her intention is to revalue urban landscapes, horizontal extended cities. An apparent dialogue between overlapping elements, moving or sinking blocks that create a geometry of what is yet to come. The grays and contrasts, the absence of humanity or maybe the presence of a threatened humanity, hidden behind concrete, sheltered only by the sky. The feeling of irreversible solitude, the absence and remoteness of nature, and silence. Paulina overlaps images that let the complex background flow in the structure it supports within coincidence of layers and transparencies. But certain gestures burst through an organized context and express themselves. They open a new path; reveal themselves, materializing as a returning breeze, a whim.

Sheetal Shaw is an Indian-born American visual artist and designer who infuses personal narratives and cultural memories in her sculptures and paintings. Sheetal has a Bachelor of Arts from University of New Delhi. In 1999 she moved to America and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University. Psychology, applied arts, geography and nature influence Sheetal’s work either directly or indirectly. Sheetal uses laser-cut acrylic templates to draw outlines of a Boteh shape on to a canvas. Once she completes drawing the outlines with an archival black marker, she shifts her focus to selecting a color scheme for the piece. Analogous, warm, cool, contrasting, and monochromatic are some of the color choices she has been exploring since 2017. When all the colors have been filled in, she reworks the black outlines with paint to make them crisp and prevent smudging or fraying of edges as much as possible. All of Sheetal’s pieces feature metallics–gold, silver, bronze and copper. Her work has been exhibited all across the United States and abroad.

artblend | Boteh in Red, Yellow & Black | Sheetal Shaw

Doug Powell Art

Oviedo, Florida
Booth 331

Professional Mosaic Artist Doug Powell has mastered an unusual art form. Mosaic portraits and murals created with cast-off computer keys. Powell, who has been studying and perfecting his methods for many years, uses upcycled computer keys from tens of thousands of computer keyboards and arranges the retired caps using their individual character and color to complete the artwork.

His art is collected by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! and is on display in numerous museums from Hollywood, California, to Times Square, New York City, as well as Canada, London, and Amsterdam. Since 2010, Ripley’s and Powell have transacted dozens of works of art including mural like portraits of John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Frankenstein, Statue of Liberty, John F. Kennedy and most recently, Princess Leia.

Doug has won numerous awards and has been commissioned for works, both public and private. In 2017, Powell exhibited during Miami Art Week for the first time at the Spectrum Miami show. Not only was the show a great success, but he received the 2017 Spectrum Miami Art Show Directors’ Award. His works are currently exhibiting with the Guarisco Gallery in Washington DC.
Contact: Doug Powell

Doug Powell Art | Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali by Doug Powell

Marianne Enhorning Design

Comox, British Columbia, Canada
Booth 502

Marianne Enhörning is a West Coast Canadian artist. Born in Sweden, she is deeply influenced by her family heritage. Marianne has spent many years alternating her time between natural and urban environments: on the West Coast as a kayak guide and in cities, working in architecture.

Before architecture, she had studied fine arts as part of her BA and has now returned to her true vocation, painting. Marianne creates evocative, dreamlike works in mixed media that are figurative, nature influenced and abstractly architectural. Her art emerges from her deep sense of longing for a world that is inclusive, equal and just; a world that is simple and kind.

Marianne’s figurative work is a tribute to the indomitable power of women. Her life size figures celebrate inner strength and personal power. Despite the many challenges faced by women culturally and historically, they rise above, using love, wisdom, and the sisterhood to prevail against all odds. These iconic women love life and all that it means to be a woman. Utilizing a combination of bold, textural strokes and delicate lines, Marianne connects to herself as woman. Personal longing has fed the work and an internal struggle exists in the layers of the art. Using intuition, heart and soul, the artist creates strong, graceful women who are grounded in their sense of self.

“Painting is my voice, the place where I can express passions that words can’t reach. I begin with a palette of paint, a new canvas and no preconceived ideas. When I raise my head, I see an image true to my being that still evades words.”
Contact: Marianne Enhorning

Mecenavie Gallery

Paris, France
Booth 100

For many years, Mecenavie Gallery has been serving talented artists, striving to give them every opportunity to make a name for themselves. Mecenavie promotes contemporary artists. Since 2004, Mecenavie has been helping its artists in providing them with high quality services, which include exhibitions in French and international art fairs, auction sales and corporate rentals.

The Mecenavie Gallery does not concentrate on artists who work in only one particular style or genre, but rather searches for the beauty and skill artists display in many different ways. Abstract art, figurative art and sculpture all find their place in the gallery and in the minds of the audience.
Contact: Catherine Tormo


Chad Daly, young south african artist, lives and works in Orange County, California. His unique art uses a material that is commonly present in our everyday life but quite unheard of as an artistic medium: banknotes. He was, like every artist, spending money on materials to perform his art, but came to think that he would rather take the material he was spending with and turn it into something more valuable by creating with it, displaying and selling it. Already passionate about money, its fluxes, exchanges, and the sheer esthetics of a bill, he decided to go all out on this idea by directly creating art with currency. Somewhere between sculpture and origami, his art features skulls, animals, geometrical shapes depending on the series and themes he chooses.

Mecenavie Gallery | Mickey | Chad Daly

Daniel René is the inventor of the end-timber technique in France. In 1985, Daniel René invented the so-called “end-wood” technique. It is not about painting, sculpture, or markers. It is a technique in its own right that adheres to support pieces of natural end wood (not machined) of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, sometimes dipped in polyester resin inclusion. Originally, two-dimensional paintings used pointillism. Since then, the artist has developed his technique to patchwork by creating three-dimensional paintings to which he adds new materials (leather, gold leaf, copper, operculas of poppies, and more). This technique allows for frameless tables and precise boundaries, which are freed from the usual forms seen in painting. It is a difficult and very long technique to implement. Badly rendered by photography, these paintings must really be seen to discover all the riches.

Mecenavie Gallery | Le Big Bang | Daniel Rene

David Dahan was born in Casablanca in 1961 and grew up in this Morocco strong in graphic expression, colorful, feeding on all the Judeo-Andalusian mysticism of which it is native. A 360 ° artist, a great traveler, music and painting allow him at first to tell his vision of the world. In the early 2000s, David Dahan immersed himself in technology and is interested in the means of “artistic expression” that it can offer him, Digital Art becomes his new laboratory. In the age of widgets and social networks, the codes and the universal language of the “world wide web” interest him, he mixes his last with the figurative art using the typography, the anamorphosis, the cubism or the architecture via the language of numbers and symbols. By his desire to create works mixing digital art with the ancestral while refusing the modernity of the duplication or reproduction to the infinite, David Dahan tries to reach an artistic renewal.

Mecenavie Gallery | L'offrande | David Dahan

Like an archeologist, Géraldine Omarini began by use the last block letters of our factories of the 19th century, letters which smell nice the ink, the leather and the wood. Patient work, craftsmanship both sure and sensible. Behind the homage of the past, it was necessary to organize them, by playing on their sizes, their shapes and their colors, behind the words mentioned. Géraldine Omarini creates a secret language, providing to the spectator the possibility of the unveiling of its imaginary.

Mecenavie Gallery | Twiggy | Geraldine Omarini

Grégoire Devin is a French artist born in 1978 in Nantes. He started drawing at a young age and signed his first pieces in 2009. Very influenced by street art, Grégoire Devin got trained in some of the most dynamic cities of the world. In his pieces, the artist incorporates his interactions with the urban culture, drawing his inspiration from the energy of pop art and from counterculture movements present in New York. His paintings are almost labyrinths for the mind for its dense imagery and collages. His work has been exhibited in France since 2011 and he was selected in 2012 by the Jury of the Museum of Contemporary Art of the City of Hainan in China.

Mecenavie Gallery | She Drives Me Wild | Gregoire Devin

Born in September 1979 close to Paris, Julián was an electronic engineer. Tired of the office hours and routine, he left suddenly in 2005 to go down-under. Discovering Australia first on the east coast, then the bush, and finally the west coast, he discovered a passion for photography. One year later, back in France he decided to dedicate his life to photography and went back to school for a year. From his first explorations of wild Australian landscapes, he began shooting more and more people for different commercial jobs and became portraitist. Still working for commercial clients, his personal projects search for new lights, new way to express his photos, new supports. And the influence of his early engineering years make the mix of technics, textures and medium seem natural to him.

Mecenavie Gallery | Aqua | Julian Villalba

Luc showed an early interest for drawing and model making, and become soon well-experienced in these disciplines. Graduated from a business school, he never forgot his passion for art and realized his first painting in 1991. Luc began experimenting with unconventional pictorial techniques, especially by incorporating mixed media into his paintings. He began focusing on the mixed media in his paintings, rather then pigments. Now the “Matters on canvas” techniques has become his trademark. But Luc also explores new horizons: composition, movement, light, especially the interaction impact of light on the mixed media surface. His art style is more refined, his techniques are more complex and precise — all of which leads to a more complicated and intricate works.

Mecenavie Gallery | Gare de l Est Paris | Luc Dartois

Myriam Sitbon is a painter and sculptor originally from Morocco, who was born in 1957 in Casablanca. Since an early age she was passionate about artistic creation, encouraged in this field by her professors. At the age of 6, she left Morocco and went to Israel where she studied at the School Yenin Ord of Ein Hod. She then moved to Paris at the age of 18, and joined the National School of Fine Arts. A complete artist, she practiced lyric singing, mime and contemporary dance for several years. Myriam Stbon was very quickly attracted by ceramics and the work of the material. In parallel to painting, she produces a large quantity of sculptures. She creates graceful pieces, with dancing and stretched curves. Women and dance are two recurrent subjects in her work, both are done in bronze sculptures in bronze reflecting the technique of the artist. Myriam Sitbon has participated in numerous exhibitions in France, Israel and abroad. She has notably exhibited her work at the Carrousel du Louvre, at the Grand Palais and at the Dima Gallery in Paris as well as during the New York Biennale and at the Salon des Independants in Paris.

Mecenavie Gallery | Untitled 1 | Myriam Sitbon

The Tracy Piper

San Francisco, California
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Tracy Piper is an ex-circus performer turned figurative painter based in San Francisco, CA. She has shown at SCOPE and SELECT in Miami, FL; stARTup Art Fair in San Francisco, CA; SCOPE New York, NY; and exhibits internationally. In 2017, Tracy competed on the GSNTV show “Skin Wars: Fresh Paint” and emerged victorious! She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration with distinction from California College of the Arts and is currently represented by Art Attack SF in San Francisco, California.

“You Are Loved” is an ongoing series of portraits that emphasizes the uniqueness inherent in us all. Fabricated from multiple sources, these fictionalized “daughters” challenge society’s notions of beauty by finding empowerment in their individuality. Seemingly familiar, these portraits could be of someone you know—neighbor, friend, sister, child, me, or you. “In this oversaturated world where we are told how to look and behave, these portraits are a reminder that you can simply be you. You are enough. You are worthy. You are loved,” said Tracy.
Contact: Tracy Piper

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