Mana Wynwood was ablaze with activity during Miami Art Week, thanks to the ninth edition of Spectrum Miami. Featuring the hottest independent career artists, studios, and younger galleries, Spectrum Miami attracted collectors and art lovers with a burning passion for contemporary art.

Inspiration was definitely ignited with Spectrum reporting over $1 million in sales, a 5 percent increase in attendance over the five-day fine art experience, and more than 6,000 guests for the Opening Night Preview.


Show Highlights

Greeted by a flying carpet of colorful flowers, courtesy of artist Grace Chadwick; luscious Louis Jadot wines; and San Francisco’s Jazzy T DJ Mike Teixeira, collectors didn’t waste any time getting to their favorite booths.

Artblend artist mosaic master Doug Powell 
placed the first piece of the weekend, “Route 66,” for $16,000, and by the end of the weekend, Michaela Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen of Artnwordz had placed over 39 pieces, including “Winging It” for $5,800 and “Cool Hand Luke” for $4,500.

When attendees weren’t meeting the exhibiting artists and gallery owners, they were watching Artblend artist Anna Thurber take a chainsaw to a block of frozen flowers to create her next masterpiece and street artist and muralist Cloe Hakakian use a Lamborghini Aventador-S as her canvas, among other live demonstrations.
While collectors sipped Louis Jadot wines, artists and galleries received special honors as we handed out this year’s awards. Here are this year’s winners:

  • Directors’ Award: Artblend
  • Best Booth Design: Artavita – World Wide Art
  • Best International Exhibitor: Yang Yibin
  • Best New Exhibitor: Robert Leone
  • Sculpture: Elisa Adams Sculptor
  • Rising Artist: William Couture
  • [SOLO]: Malcolm Smith

Collector Valerie Krystek says she “had an amazing time meeting with several artists and especially loved Tom Lohner.” Visit our testimonials pages to read more.

Top Sales

Spectrum Miami exhibitors were pleased to see so many collectors, and the number of sales and commissions reported throughout the show this year was impressive, as were the gallery placements by [SOLO] artists. Here is a sampling of highlights from this year’s exhibitor sales:

  • Michaela Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen of Artnwordz placed over 39 pieces, including “Winging It,” “RBG,” “Cinderella,” and “Cool Hand Luke” 
  • Artblend placed 20 pieces, including an Alexandra Murguia sculpture,  “Genesis” by Juliana Sheehan, a Christine Alfrey work, Shawn Farester’s “Pied Piper,” Doug Powell’s “Route 66,” and Rene Cheng’s “Raindrop.” 
  • First time exhibitor Jason Perez Art reported several sales, including Captain Casual’s “Don’t Hate, Celebrate,” Diane Portwood’s “…But Take No Shit,” and Skel’s “The Kennedys.” 
  • Robert Leone placed his Clarence Clemens original, a Clarence Clemens print, plus several more of his iconic portraitures.
  • Ritchard Rodriguez placed “Passion Nocturnale” and “Fear of Awareness.” 
  • Tom Lohner placed “Lady Gaga” and reported interest for several others.
  • A&E Fine Art/Sarona Gallery reported multiple sales, including a Pu Wei, an Angela Suto. and a Judith Peck among others.
  • FK-Art placed works from Frederic Kahlil’s new The Shadows Collection, including “A Foot in the Sand.” 
  • Galeria Uruguay was pleased to report sales of Graciela Araciso’s “Redimir,” Ingrid Ruprechter’s “Sunset,” and Isabel Blanco’s “Juntos.” 
  • Sculpture artist Grace Chadwick placed “Masking Addiction Series No. 1” and looked forward to following up with several commission opportunities.
  • CocoGenZ placed over 25 of their iconic characters. 
  • SOLO exhibitor Deanna Grant Studios placed “Sigurd” and “Golden Moire.”
  • Raymonde Perron placed several of his works, including “Surplus Floral” and “Immersion.” 
  • SOLO artist Renata Cuellar placed “Puesta del Sol.” 
  • Richard Reuys reported 15 pieces sold, including “MaNigiri” and “WomaNigiri.”
  • SOLO exhibitor Sala En Transito from Santiago, Chile, was excited to place 10 pieces. 
  • Liliana Mendez placed six “Climbers Collection” pieces and several other sculptures.
  • First time exhibitor Mina Arts placed nine of Mina Mokhtarzadeh’s expressive canvas works. 
  • SOLO artist Monica Perez placed three pieces for a total of $16,000, including “Milan.” 
  • Rising Artist Gallery exhibitor Nathalia Delgado Nachtigall was pleased with her placement of “Urban Nature.” 
  • Pigment International placed “Because Being Black in a White Space is a Real Thing” and Tyler Clark’s “GodFidence.”
  • Malcolm Smith placed 12 pieces, including two “Shopper 4” and multiple other of his comic art paintings.
  • Karin Brauns placed “Sea Turtles” along with several other pieces.
  • The Fab Four placed three pieces, including Maya De Rodt’s “From My Window” and Pamela Awad’s “Happiness.”
  • Victoria Velozo placed six pieces, including “Pretty Fly” and “Our Power.” 
  • SOLO artist Vincenzo Greco placed “Red Lips.” 
  • World Art Fest placed a Reuben Rodriguez piece among others.
  • Rising Artist Gallery artist Layla Dangelo placed her “B Forever” wall sculpture. 
  • SOLO exhibitor Eduardo Cabrer Studio placed “Thank You.”
  • Henrie Collection reported multiple placements, including “Rhythm” and “Multiwave.”
  • James Leonard placed eight pieces, including “Reflection“and several other titles. 
  • Artelisted placed four paintings, including works by artists Jorge Torres Gomez and Daniel Martinez. 
  • Elidea Art reported placing “Sigurd,” “African Soul,” “Family,” and “Golden Moire,” plus is following up on commission opportunities.
  • Alfano Sculpture placed 17 sculptures, including “Liquid Sunshine,” “I Am Bronze,” “Questioning Mind” in a couple of sizes, “Mind Blown” in two sizes, “Stroke of Genius,” “Cubed,” “Soul Secret,” and “Windswept.”
  • Anjos Art Studio placed three pieces, including a Rose Rosetti sculpture. 
  • Andy Art Curator Co. placed Peter Yao Huang’s “Untitled” ink on paper among several others.
  • China Cultural Media Group placed seven pen drawings.
  • SOLO artist Alain Mimouni placed six of his dollar themed painting-sculpture pieces with requests for several commissions.
  • Donice Bloodworth Jr. placed 40 of his distinctive prints.
  • Elisa Adams Sculptor placed three of her exquisite sculptures.
  • Rising Artist Gallery exhibitor Nicole Chambers reported sales of three of her abstract resin works, including “Submerged.”

Can’t get that favorite piece from the show out of your thoughts? Find the exhibitor in our Art Gallery and connect to see if it is still available. Who knows—you may find more than one that’s perfect for your collection!

See You in 2020

Many thanks to Jadot Wines, Artblend, and Hub’s Peanuts, as well as Radisson Red, NAI Kurtz, and all of our other wonderful sponsors for their generosity and to everyone who attended the show. Our success was because of you!

Until next year, make sure to follow Spectrum Miami on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for all the latest news, updates, and behind-the-scenes shots.

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