Shannon DeFreitas dips her brush in fire-truck-red paint and gently puts it on her canvas. As paint trickles down, the canvas cracks a smile: It tickles. The canvas is a gorgeous brown-eyed model, and DeFreitas is the body-painting artist behind Deep in Paint.

A Broward County, Florida, firefighter by day and an artist by night, DeFreitas paints the bodies of her subjects and then collaborates with a photographer who photographs the bodies to create a unique abstract image full of color,

“No photo shoot is the same,” she says. “Every art piece tells its own breathtaking story through movement and color.”

Using her love for art as a creative release from the day-to-day rigors of being a first responder and drawing inspiration from the colorful murals, urban graffiti, and funky art galleries in Wynwood, one of Miami’s most happening districts, DeFreitas creates works such as Night Warriors, which features four “Deep Dolls” posing on railroad tracks in the Wynwood Arts District.

DeFreitas not only sells canvas, acrylic, and photo prints of her artwork, but she also performs live interactive art shows. She also offers customized sessions where she works one on one with clients to choose the paint colors and photo shoot location and then creates a custom piece for them.

In addition to painting people, DeFreitas also paints high heels, handbags, and clothes, adding a splash of color and her unique sense of style and character to every piece she touches. She also recently launched a RAW Furniture Gallery, a furniture line that brings earth’s raw elements into the modern home.

To view DeFreitas’ work, visit

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