JuanCarlos rLora’s best ideas come to him when he’s running. With each step, his mind wanders and his imagination fills with colors. During one of his runs two years ago, rLora paused to catch his breath and looked up at the sky. With his mind still running a million colors per second, he thought, “I would love for everyone to see the way I see the sky right now.”

At Spectrum Miami 2017, rLora is debuting his #AbstractPhotoReality concept, which ties into the show’s curatorial theme [FUSION]: the merging of artistic mediums, of exhibitors and collectors, and of the countless galleries and artists who come together to showcase their work. Fusing the reality of a photograph with the imagination of an abstract painting, rLora asks the viewer step inside the photo and visualize themselves under a painted sky. The Rise Above Skyline (Obelisco), featuring the New York City skyline, is the first prototype.

The Rise Above Skyline (Obelisco)

An artist and an animal activist, rLora uses the funds from the sales of his artwork to rescue, rehab, and rehome animals through a project he started with his wife called Art to Save Lives. “If you look closely enough, you will find an animal hair on almost all of my paintings,” he says. Eventually, they hope to open a full-scale animal sanctuary.

To see rLora’s work, stop by Planet3arth Art Exhibits on the Rising Artist Wall in Booth 902-C or visit his Instagram page.



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