[SOLO] is an opportunity for emerging and mid-career independent artists to showcase their work to international audiences. An integral part of Spectrum Miami since 2016, [SOLO] has become the ultimate venue for independent artists to be discovered—not only by gallery owners and art publishers—but also by collectors and enthusiasts in search of exciting new works.

Here’s a sneak peek at the talented artists who will be flying [SOLO] at Spectrum Miami 2017.

Tatiana Rajzman

Booth S1018
Tatiana Rajzman, also known as TRajz, is a Brazilian contemporary and abstract artist, painter, and printmaker. Before making a name for herself as an artist, Rajzman studied fashion design, graduating from The Art Institue and starting her career as a product developer for Perry Ellis International in Miami. After four years working in fashion, Rajzman swapped her computer for canvas.

Using acrylic paint and ink pens, Rajzman combines elements of cubism and abstractionism in her work, creating geometric compositions that turn into figures “born” of overlapping lines. Inspired by architectural designs, photographs, and everyday objects, her canvases feature vibrant colors and bold patterns and have as trademarks the contrast between black and white and precise lines.

Pieces such as The Samurai, an abstract manlike figure, and Telescope, a composition of geometric shapes, translate her true spirit.

Light it Up

Booth S1018 | Visit her website.

Dellorco Fine Art

Booth S1108

Chris Dellorco might be known for his Disney illustrations and movie posters—if you own one of Disney’s animated titles on VHS or DVD, Dellorco probably did the cover—but his art takes many forms. From paintings and fine art photography to videos and children’s book illustrations, Dellorco has established himself as a successful artist in many mediums.

His current work includes his “Weightless” series, which is inspired by models photographed underwater. Featuring model Apolla Asteria, Transcendence and Enraptured are striking images that create truly dramatic results.

“While I want to create something truly beautiful, I also want to explore some level of loneliness and sadness in the art,” Dellorco says. “I think that truly beautiful art often has some element of sorrow in it. It is that contrast of bittersweet that I strive for.”

Free Spirit by Chris Dellorco

Booth S1101 | Visit his website

Shelley Lake Studio

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Shelley Lake doesn’t see the computer as an inanimate object. The first female graduate of the Architecture Machine Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lake uses her computer as an intellectual and creative partner.

Fusing her training in science and technology with her passion for art, Lake operates Sky Lake Studios, a visionary computer graphics facility in central Florida, and creates digital masterpieces and fine art photography.

“The computer, the most sophisticated machinery to date, and the camera, the most sophisticated art form of our time, when combined, can yield images of insurmountable quality and when divided, may never have been conceived at all,” Lake says.

Shelley Lake

Booth S1109 | Visit her website

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