To view Thomas Wargin’s sculptures is to take a walk through his subconscious mind. Armed with a diverse array of skill sets and ideas and inspired by his imagination and childhood stories rather than specific styles and trends, Wargin creates bronze sculptures that are whimsical, unconventional, and mischievous.

Driven by a passion for engineering, fine art, and design, Wargin is an ideas man. The artist-inventor uses a blend of old and new practices to create his work. Harnessing the energy and creativity of his soul, Wargin starts with a thumbnail sketch. Then, he sculpts the pieces from clay or hand carves parts from wood, polyester, resin, or high-density polyurethane foam.

“Sometimes, designs change in the development process,” Wargin says. “I become sidetracked by new ideas, and my own wheels start turning.”

Using various molding techniques, molds are made and hand-packed into flasks with casting sand.

“In my foundry, I melt aluminum and bronze and watch as the molten metal burns new life into the molds,” he says.

After the parts are poured and cooled, Wargin meticulously drills, taps, and screws each component together, often incorporating a mixture of materials, such as wood, stone, and glass, into the final pieces.

Allowing his spontaneous creativity to take over when combining processes and materials, Wargin explores his medium beyond the end result. “I am a thinker, and my optimism lets me forsee beyond that which has already been seen,” he says.

Wargin hopes his sculptures engage viewers and stimulate both their mind and their visual senses. “I want the viewer to go to a place that they can only dream of or hope to be part of,” Wargin says. “My goal is to create a unique art form that shares a seamless integration between the world around me and the human spirit.”

Visit him at Booth S1105 and online at

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