Looking for that perfect sculpture to add to your art collection? At Spectrum Miami, you’ll not only find smaller sculptures perfect for shelves and side tables but also larger works worthy of pedestals. Here are three exhibitors who are bringing their sculptures to Spectrum Miami 2017.

DATG Concept

Located in Miami, DATG Concept is a gallery known for helping talented and upcoming visual artists get the exposure they need so they can make a living off their art and talent. Andrés Celis Ossott is one such artist. Born in Caracas in 1969, Ossott is known for his colorful metal sculpture series called “Garabatos,” or doodles. Works such as Yellow Flame and Yellow Lemon Doodle express the power of the elements of nature and simulate the movement of the flames of fire, water’s waves, and the blowing wind. “For me, color is everything,” Ossott says. “I seek to convey feelings and positive states of mind through a gamut of bright, joyful hues.”

Michael Alfano

Michael Alfano has been sculpting figures, monuments, and philosophical pieces for more than 20 years. His works range from life-size sculptures, monuments and public art to smaller bronze figurative and surrealistic sculptures. Inspired by Salvador Dali, Jo Davidson, and Jean-Antione Houdon, Alfano conveys philosophical ideas and abstract concepts in pieces such as Questioning Mind and We Two Together. “The best art engages, generates discussion, and brings about change,” Alfano says. “My art compels viewers to experience, think, and understand life more fully.”

Questioning Mind by Michael Alfano

The Gift Promise

Don McCullough, the owner and creative mind behind The Gift Promise, is the only pewter and solder sculptor of his kind. Armed with a background in electronics and an education from the Newark School of Industrial and Fine Art in Newark, New Jersey, McCullough uses solder as a medium to capture the moment of impact rarely seen in sculpture today. Works such as Break Away and Moment Before Impact from his “Sports” series encapsulate the movement, intensity, and emotion of sports. To create the fine art pieces, McCullough developed a technique where he melts metal and maneuvers it one drop at a time to create the signature look and texture seen in all of his sculptures.



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