When you attend Spectrum Miami, your ticket also gets you into ArtSpot International, a must-see contemporary art show co-located with Spectrum Miami during Miami Art Week. ArtSpot presents carefully selected modern, contemporary, and cutting-edge galleries with a strong Latin-American emphasis.

Now in its fifth year working in conjunction with Redwood Media Group and Spectrum Miami, ArtSpot is hosting a VIP party for special guests, collectors, and exhibitors Friday, Dec. 8, as well as a limited art series, “Made in the USA,” that represents a diverse cultural group of artists depicting what that phrase means to them through their works.

Join ArtSpot’s 5th Anniversary VIP Party to celebrate five years of ArtSpot, and read on for more details about the galleries exhibiting with ArtSpot at the show.

The Athens Gallery

Booth 221
Apostolos Nikolakopoulos, who signs his work simply “Apostol,” is a well-established artist from Greece. He was born in a small village in the southern part of Greece, where from a young age he showed his talent by winning awards in the school art contests. Although he graduated with a degree in business, his heart was always in sculpture and painting. He spent most of his time working in art studios and exploring the pop scene of New York in the 1970s.

When he came back to Greece, he opened his first gallery and started selling his sculptures to an international clientele. Working with the ancient lost-wax casting process, Nikolakopoulos creates molds for bronze sculptures that range from less than 2 feet to over 12 feet in height. He is known for perfecting the technique of large bronze casting, adding glass and also inserting crystal pieces into the crevices of his sculptures, creating a vibrant refraction between the metal and glass.

Nikolakopoulos’ art is contemporary, unconventional, and filled with meaning and purpose beyond the aesthetic result that just pleases the eye. Each piece is an original creation. “The best ideas come to me when I am not intentionally thinking about what my next work will look like,” he says.

The Athens Gallery, Apostol, “Horse Head”

Nikolakopoulos’ works are in private collections in homes from around the world, including a recent purchase by Madonna. To see more of his work, visit his website or stop by Booth 221.

Pascoe Gallery

Booth 226
Ed Pascoe took a trip to England in the late 1960s, and it changed his life, for it was there that he discovered Wedgwood ware. He opened his first antique shop in Philadelphia, and a few years later, he opened a shop in Manhattan selling Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Moorcroft, and other styles of British art pottery. In 1987, he moved to Miami where he operates Pascoe Gallery.

Constantly looking for new ceramic art to introduce to collectors, Pascoe traveled to South Africa in 2008 where he was intrigued by a display of Ardmore ceramic art. He bought a selection to show to his American collectors, convinced that they would appreciate the ethnic African style, original creativity, and craftsmanship. Today, Pascoe Gallery showcases the biggest selection of Ardmore ceramic art in the United States, along with pottery and porcelain from British companies such as Royal Doulton.

Pascoe Gallery, Painter Mandla-Enkosi Ngwenya, Sculptor Alex Sibanda, “Hippo Rider”

To view the decorative art and African sculptures available at Pascoe Gallery, visit the website or stop by Booth 226.

Aldo Castillo Gallery

Booth 120
The Aldo Castillo Gallery, established in Chicago in 1993, is one of the leading art galleries on the international art scene. In 2011, the gallery relocated from Chicago to the Miromar Design Center in Southwest Florida, pioneering modern and contemporary art for private collectors, museum collections, and design professionals.

The Aldo Castillo Gallery offers an exclusive group of international contemporary artists, offering paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, works on paper, and new media installations. These include renowned artists such as Lorna Marsh (South Africa), Scott Ashley (USA), Fredy Villamil (Cuba), Marvin Gralnick (USA), and Lawrence Voytek.

With curatorial experience spanning more than 30 years, Aldo Castillo is recognized as a leading authority on modern and contemporary art. An award-winning art dealer and curator, Castillo has curated over 250 international art exhibitions and the development of many important public and private collections in Chicago and around the world. In 2012, he founded ArtSpot International.

Aldo Castillo Gallery, Keiko Hara, “Verse Space Yellow”

To see the works presented by the Aldo Castillo Gallery, visit the website or stop by Booth 120.

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