With beautiful natural topography, gorgeous beaches, and iconic wildlife, Florida is a wondrous place. And these three Florida-based artists really capture the beauty of the Sunshine State in their work.

Carl Borgia Fine Art – Booth S1011

You’ll recognize the cityscapes in Carl Borgia’s paintings, but they won’t look like you remember them. Inspired by the “singing colors” of Henry Matisse, the “simplicity” of Georgia O’Keefe landscapes, and the “earthly paradise” of Thomas McKnight, Borgia’s oil paintings are colorful fantasies.

A self-taught artist based in Palm Beach County, Florida, Borgia mixes color and soul with the goal of transporting the viewer both near and far. “I create a geography that is familiar yet different, real yet transcendent, personal yet universal,” he says. “I hope the trip is special because my path is biased by a love for my subjects.” Visit his site here.


Margarita Barroso – Booth S1120

Although Margarita Barroso’s work is abstract, you can see the pulse of Miami in her paintings. Venezuelan-born Barroso draws her creativity from the emotions evoked from her interactions with Miami’s environment and its diverse people, and in works such as Key Biscayne and Acqua Vita, she plays with colors and textures to communicate the basic aspects of life.

In addition to abstract works, Barroso also creates figurative art inspired by the mysticism of Atlantis. Today, her works are focused on different styles of modern art posing various themes through colors and textures. “I aspire to communicate a world of harmony and the happiness of the here and now through my art,” she says. Visit her site to learn more.


Laelanie Art Gallery – Booth S1003

Honduran artist Laelanie Larach was inspired to create art at a young age. Surrounded by tropical Caribbean lands with jungles, lagoons, and mountains, Larach used pastels, watercolors, and charcoal to convey her love for Latin culture.

Now based in Miami, Larach continues to draw inspiration from beautiful beaches and the mysterious Everglades, but now her medium of choice is oil paint. Her current work includes “Summer,” a series of original oil paintings. “The concept is unique and exotic with bright colors and other styles like abstract combined with sunsets,” she says. Visit her site here.

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