The 2017 edition of Spectrum Miami will indeed present a spectrum of artists and galleries exhibiting a wide range of media, including paintings, photography, sculpture, glassworks, and more. Here are three exhibitors offering extremely high-quality art to the Miami art community and worldwide collectors during Miami Art Week.

Souren Mousavi Fine Art
When people first meet Souren Mousavi, they comment on her warm smile and golden skin, she says, but her artwork captures the deep pain and dark emotions of her past and an attempt to find peace and independence in the present.

Mousavi was born in Persia, and the Iran-Iraq War had a lasting impact on her life. While studying fine art at the University of Tehran, she was encouraged to use her art to voice her opinions and to explore her passion for women’s rights.

“Vivid color and form all contribute to the expression of deep emotions inspired by life’s experience, my journey to safety and freedom, and, of course, my cultural heritage and feminine perspective,” Mousavi says. “Recurring images celebrating the power and dignity of the female form contrast with striking dark pieces evolved from the denial of human dignity and the rejection of femininity through life.”

Using watercolors, oils, acrylics, and drawings, Mousavi creates work that is both gentle and striking, profane and innocent, stoic and regenerative. An activist and an artist, Mousavi received the Female Lifetime Achievement Award from Art Design Consultants in July 2016.

Blink Group Fine Art Gallery
The artists represented by Blink Group Fine Art Gallery are as diverse as its curator’s background. Born from Cuban parents and raised in the diverse cultures of both South America and the United States, Elizabeth Reyes “Lola” brings fine art and contemporary artists of different philosophies, principles, and humanities together.

The Blink Group Fine Art Gallery artist portfolio includes, among others:

  • The abstract geometric and abstract fluid-poured paintings of Brett Stevens;
  • The fun and sexy “self-portraits” of Angela China;
  • Works made from an organic material, taken by the Colombian plant fique, by Alejandra Aristizabal;
  • Mixed media paintings that reference the architectural structures and urban paces of post-colonial Cuba by Danilo Vinardell; and
  • The schematic and symbolic representations of the cosmos by Ivette Bassan.

“Blink Group believes that by building meaningful bonds within the art world, unique painting, sculpture, installations, photography, video, and new media can reach a broader audience giving everyone the chance to be transformed,” Reyes says.

Claire Desjardins Fine Art
Claire Desjardins comes from a long line of artists, but she spent many years working in technology and marketing before embracing her roots and pursuing her passion for painting. She didn’t leave the tech world very far behind, though.

Selected by Microsoft Canada to be one of six artists that the tech giant collaborates with, Desjardins created product-specific skins for the Microsoft Surface. Fans can also find the award-winning abstract painter’s colorful designs on tech accessories for GelaSkins, apparel for the Toronto-based fashion house Nuvango, and merchandise for the U.S. retail chain Anthropologie under the Claire Desjardins signature label.

Although you might find Desjardins’ paintings on the cell phone case or the blouse of the person sitting next to you, her artwork is extremely personal.

“All of my work is an attempt to decipher the chatter in my head, to put forward a less awkward side of myself, to navigate through my everyday chaos toward calm,” Desjardins says. “My paintings are personal. The outside world is referenced quite indirectly through the filter of my emotions. Through my work, I find myself expressing sentiments or reactions of which I am consciously unaware.”

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