Having Spectrum Miami withdrawal already? Despair not—we’re here to highlight the happenings, share some success stories, and cover the 6th annual show’s top sales, which should keep you inspired until we do it again next December!

Over 38,000 art lovers and collectors from all over the world joined us in Miami’s up-and-coming Arts and Entertainment District to see sculpture, paintings, photography, glassworks, and more from more than 160 exhibitors. Take a look at some video recaps and photos from the show to get a sense of the magic taking place in the Spectrum tent. This year’s show theme? [ELEVATE]: Heightening your senses at the hub of the art world.


Showgoers had plenty to take in over the five-day event, from Meet the Artist events and exciting live demonstrations to inspiring Art Talks and an opening-night runway show hosted by Planet Fashion TV. We also made the much-anticipated announcement of the winner of our first [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year contest—the honor went to painter Kevin Grass, who was thrilled to be chosen.

Attendees also got to see the work of several Spotlight Artists, a selection of solo artists who are chosen each year for their talent and innovation. This year’s Spotlight Artists were Michele A. Utley Voigt, Nick Fedaeff, Elka Leonard, and Michael Shewmaker. The chosen emerging artist for the LaunchPad Program this year was Luis A. Gutierrez.

Exhibitors had plenty of good things to say about their experience at the show. “We are always so impressed at how hard everyone at RMG works to help people succeed!” said Kris and Angela Gebhardt of Gebhardt Gallery, “We are fortunate to have crossed paths.” See more testimonials here!


Each year, a select group of exhibitors are honored with special awards to honor their work and presentation. Here are the 2016 winners:

Directors’ Award: Aldo Castillo Gallery

Best Booth Design: Gebhardt Gallery and Elizabeth Reyes Gallery

Best Sculpture Award: Michael Shewmaker of Shewmaker Sculpture

Best International Exhibitor Award: Pashmin Art Gallery and Huayuan Art

Best New Exhibitor Award: Rebecca Molayem Gallery


Exhibitors from across the globe found success at the show, making great sales (especially on opening night, which had a record 9,000 attendees!) and garnering commissions for the year ahead. Here are some notable sales highlights:

  • James Paterson sold 7 of his Prayer Machines, with the highest going for $15,000
  • [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Kevin Grass sold 2 pieces, including “Black Friday” for $26,000
  • [PLATFORM] Artist Special Category Winner Mary Hong sold 7 glass and resin on canvas works, ranging from $1,350 to $13,000, plus 3 commissions
  • Gebhardt Gallery sold 3 mixed media pieces: an untitled work by Angela Gebhardt for $18,000; Kris Gebhardt’s “Jinx” for $10,000; and “Ain’t No Crying to Your Mama,” also by Kris, for $8,000
  • Art Design Consultants (ADC)/Blink Art Resource boasted several great sales, including Brian Russell’s crystal and forged aluminum “Stamina” sculpture for $15,000
  • Mattson’s Fine Art sold 3 blown glass sculptures by Alexis Silk, ranging from $2,000 to $7,850
  • Elizabeth Reyes Gallery saw the $22,000 sale of Canal Cheong Jagerroos’s “Words From the Clouds” mixed media on canvas
  • World Wide Art – Artavita sold a few works, including Liliana Jachadurian’s “Experienca,” an oil on canvas, for $13,000
  • Huayuan Art sold 2 Suzhou silk embroidery works by Wang Lihua, “Jade Incense Burner with Dragons” and “Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow,” for $140,000 each
  • Boswell Mourot sold 2 bronze sculptures with pedastals for $8,000 and $10,000

Other sales included: Arte Collective, Artblend, Gallery K.A.G., Nick Fedaeff, Mecenavie, Inart Gallery, Malcolm Smith, Ronen Art Gallery, Oliver Cole Gallery, Gallery Art, Paul Chang, It’s All About the Art, Renato Foti, Presa Hall, Dinett Hok, and Synergism

Thank you to all of our generous sponsors for making Spectrum Miami possible! We can’t wait to do it again next year. In the meantime, keep up with the latest show news and updates on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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