To immerse oneself in Cuban culture while still on the mainland, all one has to do is stroll down Calle Ocho, the main thoroughfare in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood. Teeming with vibrantly colored murals, art galleries, Cuban eateries, and cigar shops, Calle Ocho is also home to Conde Contemporary, a gallery owned and run by Miami native Stacy Conde.


Conde Contemporary Gallery

Conde Contemporary, specializing in contemporary Cuban art, strives to create a positive experience for the collector and artist alike. The gallery prides itself on working tirelessly to satisfy clients’ needs and desires while maintaining the highest level of customer service, as well as nurturing their artists by providing a supportive foundation, encouraging artistic growth, and promoting experimentation.

Estigmas by Darian Rodriguez Mederos

Stacy Conde’s love for the visual arts began with her work in the fashion industry, under the tutelage of renowned Polish fashion designer and Biba founder Barbara Hulanicki. Conde later added costuming and interior renovation projects to her growing portfolio before her first dip into fine art in 1998, when she opened Goodman-Conde Gallery in Miami’s Design District. After a decade in Chicago, Conde is now back in Miami, at the helm of Conde Contemporary, where she solely represents Cuban artists, including her husband, Andres Conde.

Conde is thrilled to be joining with Redwood Media Group at Art San Diego and Spectrum Miami this upcoming fall/winter season to curate Arte Cuba, a standalone show within the larger art shows that will present a carefully selected group of modern, contemporary, and cutting-edge Cuban art represented by galleries, art dealers, and the artists themselves.


Mistress of Destiny by Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio

For more on Stacy Conde and Arte Cuba, visit
Here’s Conde discussing the gallery’s experience at Artexpo New York in April 2015:

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