Anthony Scime, a young digital painter represented by RMG exhibitor and Spectrum Miami sponsor Artblend, has been creating art all his life—even before he truly understood what it was. “Designing and being creative has completely woven itself into almost every aspect of my life, to a near dangerous level,” Scime says, “and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Anthony Scime of Artblend

Series 1, Project #16

Born in Buffalo, New York, but residing in South Florida for most of his life, Scime graduated from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in 2008 with a BS in Illustration and the honor of winning best conceptual portfolio. Referring to himself as “an illustrator, graphic designer, and an all-around creative,” Scime channeled his design and illustration skills into digital painting after realizing that it was the medium of choice for his generation—a medium with an impact, and the marker of a new crop of talented artists.

Series 1, Project #1-rgb

Contemporary Series 1, Project #1

“Design is much more than a job or hobby, it’s an obsession,” states Scime. He’s constantly inspired by the elements surrounding him—from light and shadow to color, shape, and texture. Scime studies those qualities in everything he sees and incorporates them into his contemporary artwork.

Anthony Scime of Artblend

Contemporary Series 1, Project #5

Boasting clean, stark lines and neutral backgrounds, the works in his Contemporary Series 1 evoke an otherworldly quality, allowing the viewer to escape into the triangles’ inner cloudscapes, experiencing calm and chaos in equal measure, while still feeling upheld by the compositional structure.

Anthony Scime of  Artblend

Contemporary Series 1, Project #15

Make sure to visit Artblend’s exhibition, which will include Anthony Scime’s work, at Spectrum Miami this December. For more on Scime, visit

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