2015 Art Labs

Special Curated Projects

Perry Vasquez Performance Still by Kyunghwa Moon-Brannan

Art Labs feature special curated projects by several leading Miami-based art institutions and alternative spaces within the fair. Art Labs showcase the thriving art landscape of Miami.


Art Lab 01: Life is Art
Curated by: James Echols
Artist: TBD

Life Is Art

Life is Art

The focus of [mi.ami][inter.play] is collaboration. Collaboration between artists, collaboration between the arts and the community, collaboration between Miami and the art world at large. This is a juried show with an open call for artists. Any artist living or working in south Florida may apply.

Works are encouraged to be collaborative creations with two or more artists, but are not required to be so. Works may be in any of the visual mediums.

Art Lab 02: Yo Miami
Life Is Late Night Art Live Mural Project
Curated by: Life is Art and Yo Miami
Artist: TBD


Yo Miami

The mural painting is an invitational, combining experienced artists with emerging up-and-comers, to truly represent the exploding Miami street art scene. Each mural represents the concept that life really is art. Each mural is to be painted by a collaboration of two or more artists, live during the Late Night event. A portion of the sales goes to support Life Is Art, with the rest going to the artists.

Art Lab 03: Bakehouse Art Complex
Interlaced Landscapes
Artists: Joana Fischer and Ernesto Kunde
Curated by: Justin H Long

Bakehouse Art Complex/Joana Fischer and Ernesto Kunde

Bakehouse Art Complex | Joana Fischer and Ernesto Kunde

Miami has long been a complex, tangled landscape which continues to intrigue and beguile. For Ernesto Kunde, transforming the mangroves, wild birds, and crackled Deco architecture into a physically viable format is a simple process. He displays a keen eye for interpreting his tropical surroundings maintaining a colloquial tone. Joana Fischer uses collage-like drawings to reveal intertwined, evocative dream landscapes and questions environmental and existential topics. Delicate fragments are taken out of context and assembled together in something new: Urbanism and nature, inside and outside, specific locations and open areas, near and far, silence and commotion, superposition and exposure, resolution and desire, ease and self-absorption.
Bakehouse Art Complex

More Art Labs to be added soon!

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